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“Christmas is also the loneliest time o

“Christmas is also the loneliest time of the year. In the way Ibrahim fired salvo after salvo at the 25 ex-senior civil servants, on the face of it, it looks like he is upset.

But maybe he’d just trying to reach out, telling us he also needs friends, prominent friends. He’s reaching out dammit!

Friends don’t have to be the same, they just have to respect each other and preferably be prominent. Can you this Christmas, as a gift, find Ibrahim Ali a prominent friend? My contact is listed here, do forward names or suggest in the comment space.

Between us I am sure we can find him good mates — who are also prominent!”

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To begin with he’s never worked in Asia.

To begin with he’s never worked in Asia. If learning the nuances of Asia is critical when in charge of tens of thousands of Asians, multiply that with the length of the KLIA runway to begin understanding the dysfunctional nature of Malaysian business.

And now he will seek to discipline Malaysians in senior positions, pacify unions paranoid over the impending retraining before retrenchment, vendors with political connections, deal with Malaysian Airports that is not used to swimming in a Bavarian lake of efficiency and liaise with a MCA minister while smiling with the prime minister who will get endless calls from Umno MPs over the German guy who says a guttural no with an air of finality.

If Malaysians from AirAsia couldn’t wrap around MAS, a man never to have faced Malaysian bureaucracy is going to end up catatonic by around Christmas next year.


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Debate format: Don’t really mind, but I

Debate format: Don’t really mind, but I do hope we have name tags — laminated and with pictures.

Venue: There is a balairaya (community hall) in Hulu Langat. I’ll come clean. It’s dirt cheap.

Audience: Yes, please. Even Umno Youth guys always game to threaten burning buildings down are welcome. But not the balairaya please, I’ll want my RM50 clean-up deposit back. Not me please, I like to be alive when collecting the deposit.

Moderator: Aaron Aziz. I want Khairy to get jealous.

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Excerpts of A to Z of Umno general assem

Excerpts of A to Z of Umno general assembly

J: Juice or mixer. The party seniors in the various hotel lobbies sipping their juices or mixers, one after the other. Where you drink decides how tasty your juice can be.

K: Keris. Like the Sikhs’ Kirpan (small dagger), the true Umno patriot feels lost without a keris to brandish. The press love it, because every time a leader does a bit of a show and tell with it at the assembly the news writes itself.

Khairy Jamaluddin, Umno youth chief, and seriously would look silly holding up a keris. But he still has to walk the tightrope of dishing out vitriol and brouhaha against all and sundry outside with the voice of a man who is capable of any kind of madness. We are talking about eating 8 types of cheese with nasi lemak crazy.

And when the dust settles, looks at ways to rebrand his actions as necessary but moderate. Like congratulating your opponent after kicking him in the face by saying the broken nose is giving him a more natural look.

From time to time, governments do say th

From time to time, governments do say that facilities are only as good as they are cared for.

A generation of young Malaysians will struggle to remember the days of people lining up at public telephone booths till midnight to use them. Many claimed the phones were never enough, the government claimed that vandalism and petty thefts put paid to real efforts to build telecommunication.

It is similar to toilets, except today most people have mobile phones, whereas there is little chance of letting people have personal portable toilets.

So, are locals ruining the facilities? There might be truth in it. I won’t belabour the political reality argument, that perhaps the constant re-emphasises that the rakyat live a life well thanks to the blessings of those in power does perversely enforce a belief that public goods do not belong to the public. They belong to those who govern the public and therefore our Joe Public does not have to assume responsibility for the facilities.

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Bob Dylan said that every generation had

Bob Dylan said that every generation had to reject the one before it in order to finds its own voice.

Active students in university campuses do not mean support for Anwar, it sure does not mean support for me. Students are their own masters, in that regard and it is important that they are.

There are enough opposition leaders who assume the sympathy students have to their cause as proof they are strong supporters. They’ll be sorely disappointed.

The young are apprehensive about those who speak of permanency and a singularity of views.

New is often defined by being different, and a set of ideas which are predicated on what has always been to continue to be without interference would appear to be the enemy of youth. At least to a young thinker.

My open advice to all groups is to engage the young, not seek ways to cage them. They are not seeking your permission to have a voice, they are informing you that if you have a problem with them having a voice then there will be a problem.

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It’s all fun and games till someone gets

It’s all fun and games till someone gets hurt, is a line ringing awfully true in Malaysia today.

The various politicians I worked with have been wont to say main (play) Facebook. Suggesting actions online are less real and perhaps are more play, at least to their minds. I found this mirthful, but now not so, because they are not alone in assuming cyberspace is not real space.

Freudian slip or not, there is a certain levity assumed about text that’s transmitted electronically. It is so easy to fill a comment and press enter, that the ease of it, the perfunctory nature of it blindsides commentators on the actual effects of their actions.

You are no less menacing sending it as such, than if you were to take a bus, walk a block, trot pass the gate and slip it under the victim’s door.

More so when these deadly pronouncements are remarked with no logical punctuation, they embolden others to join in. Just like the other noble Romans striking Julius Caesar once Casca sheaths his dagger first.

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