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While Israel’s military encroaches into

While Israel’s military encroaches into homes, their supporters have used up technology to help their side. On the crowdfunding site there are at least three fundraising campaigns to buy toilet paper for the Israel Defence Force, Shabbat (day of rest) dinner for the soldiers and finally manicures for the wives of the soldiers.

Rajni is not just a superstar with a bod

Rajni is not just a superstar with a body of works which have in turn shaped the dialogue and values of Tamils worldwide, Rajni is much more. Chuck Norris is likely to actually train if he was to fight Rajni. Even Chuck knows Rajni is otherworldly.

Six months without my housemate

JULY 15 — Late Monday night. Six months ago we were sitting in at the local kopitiam, while my mother was at the hospital morgue. That’s just how it is, a non-describable situation, when you’ve just lost the woman you’ve lived with most of your life. Especially the last ten which has just been the two of us in our home.

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Souls are too precious to be left in the

Souls are too precious to be left in the hands of the religiously illiterate, and Jamil Khir knows this only too well. While these measures have impact on the economy and lead to things like mass migration of Malaysians to more hospitable regions, they will keep those who stay morally compact.

I wasn’t thinking my Tamil families were

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I wasn’t thinking my Tamil families were bigoted but I am certain when I told them I had friends with me they did not reckon every one of them looked decidedly Chinese. My weekly column in the Malay Mail Online.

There will be a suspiciously low number

There will be a suspiciously low number of morning meetings till after July 14. By then, many lies would have been concocted to avoid previously scheduled appointments. And when the lies catch up to them, there is only one way out, move to a more hospitable country that appreciates the need to only worry about football in a World Cup month.

PAS’ returns in Pahang, Johor, Perak, Ne

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PAS’ returns in Pahang, Johor, Perak, Negeri Sembilan and Malacca will drop to almost zero as in 1999… does PKR have the credentials to woo Muslims below 50 as the coalition of the future?


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