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There are those that retort in a way tha

There are those that retort in a way that Borneo is failing the ideal of Malaysia by their gross indifference to Malaysia. What befuddles me about these critics is that they feel Malaysia — or any country — is a priori.

A country is a concept formed through persuasion and guile, and needs to be built thereafter.

Defending a nation’s existence using history is a slippery-slope. The present states of Malaya can justify the present federation as a reinstitution of the Malacca Empire. But so can Indonesia via Majapahit or Srivijaya or to a lesser effect Acheh claim territories overlapping present day Malaysia. Cheekily, China can claim all.

But all their postulations are tenuous because we are in an archipelago. These islands are less tightly or uniformly knit like swathes of continental Europe. Their claim of a deeply connected and common history is far more decipherable, while over here it is a series of closeness with enough differences operating largely exclusive.

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Without a more visible Wan Azizah, and i

Without a more visible Wan Azizah, and indeed a prominent Wan Azizah, there can be no quick solution to the standoff…

It’s time for Wan Azizah to press hard, or withdraw herself from the mentri besar race. Politics, unfortunately or fortunately, requires people to have the stomach for it and a willingness to kick others in the nether regions…

My weekly column in The Malay Mail Online

What you realise if you’ve taken the 62

AUG 26, 2014 — I can’t recollect what happened on October 26, 2012, but according to the fare reload machine, I took a train. A MRT train in Singapore, actually. I’m not sure what it meant on August 22, of this year, as I stood by the machine, knowing this information.

It just means a series of details from the past and present, with no emphasise of how to find advice from them. Sort of how the weekend went for me, with a number of bus and train rides, that the fare card will remind me the next time I get into the republic.

It was that kind of weekend. Where I was insistent on repeating things when they have been the same for some time, same without a chance of being something else. And missing out on new things, because I can. Read the rest of this entry

Resignation is not a concession of perso

Resignation is not a concession of personal fault but an admission that when an organisation commits a major mistake the buck must stop somewhere.

This is critical because a corporation is ready made for blame dispersion — everyone in it expresses remorse and technicalities bar any one person to be wholly responsible for any particular action, or at least offer them plausible deniability. Because, when there are that many boards, departments and projects’ meets, brainstorming sessions and strategic rethinking retreats, coupled with complex and overreaching outsourcing and reporting matrix, who is ever accountable, truly?

At it, T. Thampipillay, the oldest staff

At it, T. Thampipillay, the oldest staff at the school and son of founder Thamboosamy Pillay, delivered this for his former boss: “In the opinion of his Old Boys the secret of Mr Shaw’s success as headmaster of the VI lay in his true conception of the purpose of education — to understand life, to appreciate life and to make the most of life — or the complete development of the individual and his unceasing efforts to realise this ideal.”

My present contempt for certain self-dec

My present contempt for certain self-declared leaders begins with the initial objection by an undeclared number of PAS lawmakers over the nomination of PKR President Wan Azizah Wan Ismail as the next mentri besar of Selangor.

Since she is a woman.

While Israel’s military encroaches into

While Israel’s military encroaches into homes, their supporters have used up technology to help their side. On the crowdfunding site there are at least three fundraising campaigns to buy toilet paper for the Israel Defence Force, Shabbat (day of rest) dinner for the soldiers and finally manicures for the wives of the soldiers.


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