Travels on the Election Trail (March 4-7)

I spent the final days leading to the elections traversing the nation. There was a real energy swamping the country, as I drove Judy down her familiar terrains to the north, traversing Selangor, Perak, Kedah and Penang, which ironically became states lost by BN.

Let me comment on them days. Continue reading “Travels on the Election Trail (March 4-7)”

What is Anwar Up To? Part II

There are things you can learn from soap operas. No matter how trite the script is, and how amazing over-acted the scenes are, just like a fender bender on the Federal Highway you cannot look away. Try as you may. We are all suckers for climax, or more importantly the promise of a climax.

This song and dance is going to go on for a while.

The first part was on the UMNO think. Continue reading “What is Anwar Up To? Part II”

What is Anwar Up To?

The truth is, other than a few trusted people in the inner sanctum of the Anwar Ibrahim Universe, no one knows how the play is going to play out. Quite literally the whole country, its people are at the edge of their seats looking away at times, but never casting their eyes away from the action.

I support Anwar, that is a given. The question is, what shuffle are they about to use? Is it a shuffle or a shovel, and if they latter who is about to be buried? Continue reading “What is Anwar Up To?”

The Day of Normalities Unreturning

On Saturday, about 11pm with music buzzing in a room next to the Art Gallery, I was having my typical conversation. What starts as being just mildly polite became a discourse on the validity of multi-party politics in the country. And she said something quite startling, ‘ I will be glad when we get back to regular life. ‘

When does Malaysia return to regular life? Everything has a feel of a perpetual series of quantum leaps. Continue reading “The Day of Normalities Unreturning”