The Day of Normalities Unreturning

On Saturday, about 11pm with music buzzing in a room next to the Art Gallery, I was having my typical conversation. What starts as being just mildly polite became a discourse on the validity of multi-party politics in the country. And she said something quite startling, ‘ I will be glad when we get back to regular life. ‘

When does Malaysia return to regular life? Everything has a feel of a perpetual series of quantum leaps.

Election upsets and their continuing affectations, states in change, a PM in transition about whether his party still wants him ( a bit like UMNO loves me, UMNO loves me not, UMNO loves me…….) Ministers toying with being progressive or being in power, of local councils waiting for the change next month and the list goes on.

Malaysians may have to get used to the fact, normal is always going to be abnormal from now on. Malaysians may have to understand albeit belatedly, things will always be tumultuous henceforth. A small price for a working democracy?

All our days have changed and they will keep changing. This is the new Malaysia.

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