What is Anwar Up To?

The truth is, other than a few trusted people in the inner sanctum of the Anwar Ibrahim Universe, no one knows how the play is going to play out. Quite literally the whole country, its people are at the edge of their seats looking away at times, but never casting their eyes away from the action.

I support Anwar, that is a given. The question is, what shuffle are they about to use? Is it a shuffle or a shovel, and if they latter who is about to be buried?

Let us examine what we do know, and try to construct what we think is about to happen.

Anwar on Screen

Firstly, the UMNO ranks are confused about what they want to do. This is due to two things, the expected inability of the party to discuss its election victory and a reluctant sense of holding on to the Anwar card as a possible solution to their own problem.

UMNO is facing problems constructed by 60 years of parochialism, and for a change exceeding the influence of one Mahathir Mohammed from Kedah.

They are unable to discuss perceived weaknesses of their leaders openly, since every senior UMNO leader, including those now with doubts have repeated over and over in the past, that it is not the UMNO way to question their leaders.

Then you have the Hindustani Principle in UMNO, everyone can make a return no matter what.

Mahathir made a return despite being sacked. Muhd Muhd returned despite not being able to read signboards in English. Therefore Anwar could return, right? I mean, why not? This niggling thinking, feeling or suppressed desire is crippling UMNO, because a fair bit of their membership are quietly hoping for Anwar to return.

Which completes analysis part one of why the Malaysian drama is going to go on a wee bit longer than most non-Malaysians expected.

End of part one.

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