The Great Youth Leader

46 for Umno and 33 for PKR.

This might be the first thing Umno might have over PKR for the longest time, and its not a good thing really. Those are the ages of the respective youth leaders for their parties. 46 for Hisham and 33 for Shamsul Iskandar. That is not youth, that’s middle management (middle management for a long time for Hisham if you look at the way he is running Ministry of Education), that’s a wife and two kids, that’s moving to your apartment in Kota Kamuning. Continue reading “The Great Youth Leader”


No petrol in Singapore for Malaysians

From Friday ( 30 May 2008 ) all foreign registered vehicles will not be able to fill up at any petrol stations 50 km from the border. This is about Thai and Singaporean registered vehicles really. Mind you Singapore already has a rule on Singaporean vehicles filling up to 2/3 before leaving the Republic. However ensuring stock of supply and depriving the potential to replenish supply are two distinct issues. Continue reading “No petrol in Singapore for Malaysians”