Fear Reign Stays (Past Writings)

Just something I put together after the series of open dissent in Malaysia, in December 2007. Ok for a backread.

We cannot live in fear indefinitely.

There are many things wrong in the world, but when the people running this country parade to us all that can go wrong, and may go wrong and can in some shape or form become wrong; to induce fear in us, our lives are being compromised.

There is no armed insurrection in Malaysia. There are no bogeymen organising rallies to result in fire and carnage. In no corner are lawyers thinking of how to end the rule of law. Our people are not walking about with hate in their hearts.

However in times of uncertainty, people tend to hold on to what is familiar. Being the most familiar of Malaysian institutions, it is in the interest of the UMNO ruled Barisan Nasional to present uncertainties.

Playing up fear in order to sustain power is a dangerous game. In a world of Internet and Molotov cocktails, it is downright irresponsible.

No nation will have homogeneity in politics. It is the nature of people to disagree. Experience, which all societies have, gives them instructions on how to allow for disagreement in civil form.

Let us sit back and look at what is really on our national plate.

A group of people are convinced the election process in this country is dubious. They write a memorandum and proceed to present it to their sovereign head. They ask their supporters to join them for this event. Their supporters duly arrive. They group and ready to do the deed.

So far any discerning foreigner would understand the proceedings. What happened next, only Malaysians can understand. It has something to do with our unique democracy.

The police quell part of the gathering brutally. This is separate to the systematic police intimidation across the Valley, through around the clock road blocks days before the fateful day.

Thousands of people were hurt because of unrestrained policemen. More were stranded on roads because of police road-blocks. However, in a presentation of logic only a Malaysian would understand; the PM, cabinet and police blame the citizens participating in the democratic exercise.

Senses are lulled by the wanton show of power.

Two weeks later, a group of people rousing up support for the past months gathers to present a memorandum, this time to the British. The British don’t complain. That does not matter. The Malaysian government knows better than every other government in the world put together. So it beats down democratic expression.

Same end, same story, with some twists.

There is contention. Not UMNO only are unhappy with the language and methods of the Hindraf lads.

Fine. But the litmus test has to be demonstrable harm. They have neither asked for violence nor prepared their supporters for violence. Their Sunday on the streets of KL has shown a great level of restraint from their supporters. So what gives?

The lawyers gather a celebration of Human Rights. They insist on being peaceful.

No go. Arrests ensued. Charges made. Lawyers made to live it up in holding cells.

The mainstream media and government prosecutors seemed to be in a musical piece culminating to a climax.

The ISA arrests were inevitable, in hindsight.

But the question remains. Why oh why?

Surely as the people with guns, jail cells & parliamentary majority, they have to show demonstrable harm.

If not, all they are doing is speculating. And you don’t run your country on speculation. You most definitely don’t take men from their families and loved ones on the basis of speculation.

It is becoming disconcertingly clear, that the idea of democracy to UMNO is of one without choices, participation and different ideas.

In their feudal system, elections are dangerous, anointments are better. Najib will replace Badawi when the latter chooses to. And a VP will be made Deputy President through the good graces of the President.

With their own set of law of man (similar to Asimov’s law of robotics).

All things said by the President are true. All things said by the Deputy President are true, unless they are discordant to the President’s. All things said by Vice-Presidents are true unless they are discordant to the President’s and Deputy President’s. And this flows down until you are at the bottom of the bottom, at branch level, where they put their makeshift operation structures, wherever they like.

And in organic form, the master-serf relationship is established in the civil service, police, military and schools.

Right is based on who says it. Wrong also.

So when exploitation is mentioned by those outside UMNO’s BN, they are lies, fabrications, exaggerations, incomplete ideas, product of frustration and filled with negatives. And when exploitation of a similar kind is mentioned by the UMNO leader, then they are truths, diligent facts, logical extrapolation of errors, verifiable concepts and products of complete altruism and filled with positives only.

So that is the score. A huge Orwellian spin factory pinning dissent down for the good of the many. And the many should not have a say in this, because country is too big a thing to rely on simple people to decide. Let a party with 60 years of pedigree decide for you.

The Bersih guys, the Hindraf guys, the marching lawyer guys and the burger seller in Selayang, they are all fresh meat for the UMNO grinder. Because millions in this country are told, retold and forced to know that there is no reality without UMNO.

Serfdom is such a drag.

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