The Khairy Theory

There is this bloke, who has this counter theory on Khairy Jamaluddin. It does make interesting reading, even if highly implausible.

The bloke’s theory is that Khairy planned the failure of the BN government in the last General Election. I call it the Reverse Theory. It goes like this.

Young Khairy has a great passion for the country, even if he has spent many of his formative years in Singapore and the United Kingdom. It is a passion for change, however he is stuck, more like unstuck by the various things associated with himself; liberal, western educated, poor command of the Malay Language and a disconnect from the daily grind in Malaysia. Minus more, he is not from a political dynasty.

So he does the next best thing, he rides the wave already built into the system and force his way to a place where he can start to inflict pain on the monster he derides, UMNO. All that he dreams for Malaysia is more likelier with the demise of UMNO, and he sets to work.

There are those old old rumours on how he was courting the daughter of the then Deputy Prime Minister, only to change track after the Anwar star fell in 98. And in some years later, he had the blessing of the new Deputy Prime Minister, and now present Prime Minister Badawi.

Again, I would like to put out the reminder, that is a completely unsubstantiated theory, which follows in part to what is popularly accepted interpretations of the past. Many of the motivations of the characters are to be known by the characters alone.

Now a politically betrothed member of the UMNO inner circle begins his passage of gathering political mileage and influence, and all roads eventually led to the Deputy Chief of UMNO Youth.

There was both access and power in the Badawi Court, and personal stake in the larger UMNO gathering as a growing firebrand.

Now if we stick to the bloke’s theory, all this is just maya. Khairy was pandering to untruths in order to meet the expectations of the people he intended to lead to destruction.

He keeps picking fights, and he keeps getting the party to be defending things like Malay rights more belligerently. He keeps laying his own map to the top, which rubs way too many in the party. It is a party that likes to think 40 year olds are youths, and you take your time to be promoted in a highly bureaucratic party. Khairy is always baited as the person trying to undo the parochialism of the party when it comes to picking its leaders.

And then the PM releases Anwar from prison, and almost like a countdown for Anwar and not for UMNO, the General Elections are marked clearly for 2008. It would seem oddly odd to plan to have the elections so soon after the Bersih and Hindraf groundswell. People were ready to react, and Badawi’s administration streamed them into voting stations when they were quire ready to say nay to BN.

Most pundits were quite confident Khairy had a major say in bringing the elections forward. Which gives us the present.

So the theory goes, all that Khairy has produced, engineered, executed and paraded has been a diabolically planned destruction of UMNO from the inside.

And the final part of the theory is, with the demise of UMNO, so will come the end of the Khairy political life in Malaysia. Perhaps he knew from the start he was too uncommon and too unconnected to rise to the top in Malaysian politics, therefore what was left was to leave behind a permanent legacy. To provide a basis for the reformation of democracy in Malaysia and the displacement of those who cannot veer away from race politics.

And Khairy is not a poor businessmen, therefore he could go riding into the sunset like Shane in High Noon. A bit more complexed the approach play, but the results remains the same.

This is after all a theory recounted to me by a bloke having a beer. I don’t buy it, but it is worth a smirk. And maybe one for the reader too.

2 thoughts on “The Khairy Theory

  1. I don’t think that you should write over the glass of beer or vodka. It will smear your thoughts just like wild goose.

    KJ must realise that he will do more damage to the country than anyone else. If he is trying to be mr gentleman than he better keep his distance from plaundering our country into deeper depression. Besides regarding this oil subsidy just across the border whose idea is this KJ or Najib?????????

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