Give us the Lingam Report

“The four-volume report(The Lingam Tape Royal Commission Tape” will be sold at RM542.10 and be available next week from the government printers.”

“……the Prime Minister’s Department today filed a police report against several newspapers for publishing details of the commission’s report before it was made public.

The Star, New Straits Times, Berita Harian and Sin Chew Daily had earlier published reports revealing the commission’s findings and recommendations.” ( Malaysiakini, 16 May 2008. -Commission: Act against Dr M, five others-)

Well the commission’s report is out, and we have to give a big shout out to the Star for being the first to disclose its content, which led to the other dailies following suit, and therefore forcing the government to making the public completely public.

The government was under severe pressure to release the report already, however having government linked newspapers leaking the results made it a when not an if issue anymore. Kudos to them.

Yet, we are stuck with the strange sensation of limitation in that the reports cost 542RM per copy. I’d steer away from making any crude remarks, but I would argue this, if the cost of reproducing the report is too costly for the government printers, why not make the report available online?

Taxpayers paid for the commission, and surely every means possible has to be exhausted as to enable all Malaysians wanting to read the report to have access to it. Perhaps if we put up enough copies in the National Library, its interior would be less empty.

Give us what we paid for. Without the hidden barriers.

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