Political Parcheesi

Now that we have the ‘great Ezam back to the UMNO tale’ building momentum, then skidding off the mountain only then to reconstruct some traction with the fear of everything derailing again, we are left with the same sense of suspense.

Suspense is synonymous with Malaysian political faces today. Ezam, all apologies attached, is the least important of the potential migrations to occur in the next few months. Let’s do some guesswork of who could be next.

Mahathir goes to PAS

How about that for a headline. Old M is always about making bold steps, but he would never venture to lose his Malay base, and the only true Malay base outside UMNO and without Anwar is PAS. Why not? Mahathir has an interesting way of looking at his past decisions, and the self-convinced infallibility he walks about with. He won’t see himself as the man who has arrested the many PAS leaders, activists and supporters, and not the least during Operation Lalang and reformasi 98. He will see himself as the man who declared unilaterally Malaysia’s Islamic State status. And in this claim, he can claim a special place in the hearts of Islamists far and near, and he is old which helps in him putting on a very sincere commitment to Islam.

Kayveas joins Gerakan

The man who built a failed kingdom from the ashes to a modest existence and fictional members has to go somewhere, now that the funeral for the party went on without him being invited to it, since he was still ruing for the piece (peace? mind the pun) of Taiping. Now you have a man who has built a personality and enemies in Ampang Jaya with much aplomb and has no constituency. And there lies a party in greater ruin and with its multicultural credentials in tatters.

A good marriage then? Kayveas comes in, into a Gerakan without his previous nemesis Lim Keng Yaik, and immediately there is a real non-Chinese in the leadership of the party with intentions of running it. Gerakan returns to being a party that is not trying to unseat MCA as the Chinese representation anymore. Fact or Fiction then?

Daim Zainuddin comes home ( to UMNO)

Daim has returned once, and another return would be nice eh, even if it is just for show. The true influence of Daim on UMNO has always been cloaked in secrecy, yet he is always the poster child of Malay economic success with a commitment to race supremacy. So as small as it might be, giving him a nice plum position now would also accentuate that the assets of the Mahathir years are more committed to UMNO than to the old man.

I cannot see Daim adding any more bits to the entree let alone the main course, yet it is not content that drives UMNO politics so it would be a coup of sorts for Badawi. A nice piece of support from the Kedah Old Boys’ Club.

Mukhriz forms a party ( and forgets to invite people to it!)

Some might say Mukhriz M has somewhat has this in tow already since he is openly against number one, and he is pretty alone in that category. Few members in the party comes out openly in defence of Badawi, however none of them are open with their request for his departure. Mukhriz has a friend in Kuli, who incidentally had as party separate to UMNO espousing Malayness. Maybe a return to old habits? Mukhriz sets his own UMNO, a little far-fetched? Perhaps, but it is worth considering. Some might say, the reason why so many people have not openly left UMNO after Mahathir left it was due to the latter asking people to pursue a conceptual position,’ Leave the party, don’t join any other party, and wait till UMNO reforms, then rejoin the party.’ This sounds like self-induced comatose to most people.

Now having a new party, that gives people a reason to leave UMNO. Mahathir managed to round up the numbers in 88, and his numbers in facebook are not too bad. To add more bite, so many left for Anwar in 98, and in one upmanship, the Mahathir clan might claim they have more appeal than Anwar, would they not?

Gerakan woos Sarawakians

This takes the cake, biscuit and other odd additions in the pantry!

Gerakan does an UMNO. As in most crazy business stratagems, the best way to counter a really bad run is not to reconsolidate but to expand with complete abandon. Once Gerakan gets the Kayveas Agenda, it has to run on with its multiculturalism, and where more in Malaysia do various ethnicities consistently look for multicultural lead than Sarawak. They have grown tired of the insipid and forced policy of having a planned Melanau hegemony in a Dayak-Iban state. They also want a national presence.

A truly tested multicultural party with no baggage in Sarawak can draw in support from your SNAPs and and SUPPs with gumption before they go down the path of PKR.

So it seems the great parcheesi game can go on indefinitely in Malaysia, and in time people will forget that there was a time when Malaysian politics was just same old same old.