Schoolgirl Seducers

The nation is under attack! Our way of life is under direct and immediate threat and thank god we have identified the evil amongst us, it is no more and no less, the baju kurungs our schoolgirls are wearing. And in it the devil resides!

I am quite sure that the National Islamic Students Association of Malaysia’s vice-president Munirah Bahari had her heart in some convoluted way in the right place when she talks about baju kurungs causing so much pain for men in Malaysia. ( )

We might need to wall up schools that border workplaces. I mean, if one schoolgirl can cause that much sexual fixation from men, swelling over till they lose consciousness and attack these young Shebas, then can you just imagine the asylum like madness likely to occur for thousands of males if they were lambasted with the vision of hundreds and hundreds of girls in baju kurung cavorting in the playing fields, in their canteens and worse and worse of all by the water dispenser. Misdirected water flung at their already flimsy white sheets of sin, My God! you would have water glistening on their baju kurungs and before you know it, the whole city of KL, well the male parts will embark on a massive assault charge upon schoolgirls!

I am just completely at loss for words. Some PAS members have shown some support for the proposal to change the baju kurung school uniform. I have one thing to say to them, you have to be joking.

It is a very hot country, since we are in the tropics incidentally. Getting these young girls to put on clothes that probably weigh by the kilos and don’t breath constitutes a health threat.

Reminds of the 19 schoolgirls who died in a fire in Riyadh years ago, because the religious police did not want them to escape their burning building (yes, burning building) without being completely covered up. Those girls died for a parochial need.

And now, for a typical parochial need here, there are those who think our girls in schools have to walk around in mini tombs so that they will not induce sexual excitement in guys, how so mad.

Let’s get the facts right:

Boys when they hit puberty, if they are heterosexual will continuously fantasise, think and want women, irrespective if they are in a bikini or in a igloo-like construct. That is nature.

It is not natural to rape these young girls, or any woman. Just because you like girls does not mean you get to attack them. What is silly, is to think that men are less likely be sexual predators if women are hidden ( or at least most parts of their bodies) from them.

Making school girls wear hideous clothes will not change sexual attraction, or sexual deviation or sexual assaults. Only make our schoolgirls the point of ridicule for all other South East Asian schoolchildren. You just have to pop over to Singapore to see how stealthily school uniforms can be, and the violence against women in that republic is low.

Getting people to talk about sexuality, sexual awareness, sexual needs and human dignity at all levels of society might be a good place to help Malaysians deal with sexual violence. Me thinks.

2 thoughts on “Schoolgirl Seducers

  1. Sigh…sad to hear that. Even malaysian’s school uniforms look “seducing”. But if the uniform does not looks seducing, imagine how ugly it will be. It’s human nature is the problem and the even the world has no solution for this problem right now.

  2. This makes no sense.. its the men that are high on sex drive. Imposing restrictions on women only goes to show the selfish pro-male atttitude.

    Man going on a diet says to his wife:

    Man: You are forbidden to eat delicious food because it would ruin my diet plan.

    Wife: Huh?? What does YOUR DIET have to do with ME?? Youre so childish. GROW UP!

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