Ketuanan Melayu

A myth of gigantic proportions.

I just felt completely patronised with Ezam’s press statement which started promisingly that Ketuanan Melayu should abolished, with a brutal qualifier that other races respect Malay Muslims as leaders in the country. How do you say things like this in the 21st century?

Respect is necessary in all working social structures. Assuming respect is permanent subservience is not. That is disrespect.

All Malaysians are equal without qualification, as an obvious deduction from all humans are equal.

Rousseau argues this equality is the natural order of man, however due to the disenfranchisement of the many by those with means and power has made man appear in chains everywhere.

I am not splitting hair here, but since we are in the process of re-defining this country we need to get things right before another generation of Malaysians are fed warped logic.

The path of rational must begin with natural law and not from cultural concepts that have no logical foundation.

The abolishing of Ketuanan Melayu results in race being negligible when seeking happiness in Malaysia. Not a rebranding of it.

There are people in UMNO, PAS and PKR who believe in the idea constitutional Malays deserving more than his other countrymen, and they are unlikely to change. So too are Jean-Marie Le Pen, the British National Party and the One Nation Party. Those who believe a person’s skin determines self-worth.

I can deal with the Yahoos.

What we cannot have is policy makers believing what we are now agreeing to is not about complete equality and fair opportunities.

Yes, even in the Pakatan Rakyat side, there will be MPs and Aduns who will not share my seemingly clear way of moving forward. Gentlemen, I am not impossible, and I can take things piece-meal, what I cannot accept is for Ketuanan Melayu to have a space in that progression.

A year ago I was in an animated conversation with my mate on the phone at 9pm, and he kept asking me to show some patience with the process and allow a natural flow for changes to take place in Malaysia. I said to him quite crudely at that point, that it is easy for him to say wait, when it is not he who is suffering while we wait for the final completion of this painstakingly slow process.

No. De Gaulle put that all great things are achieved by great men, and men are great because they are determined to be so. So perhaps Malaysians need a little determination if they want some permanent changes.

But I suppose the more pressing and engaging argument made by Martin Luther King Jr in his letters from Birmingham Jail, which I share with many of my Ethics student before. King did understand why some wanted to let change occur in its own time. However he felt the moral imperative to act and seek what is right.

Sometimes those who get away with lies after time are convinced their lies are truths because they were left unchallenged. Worse, those who pay the price for those lies begin to believe in the lies. The happy slave syndrome.

So I am doing my bit here. By saying the truth about the Emperor’s New Clothes. There is no such thing as Ketuanan Melayu.

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