Locals need local solutions

A colleague of mine shared with me today that his hometown Taiping slowly going to be a ghost-town. Light industries are moving out and job security is diminishing as we speak.

There are probably a hundred Taipings in Malaysia. For every reinvigorated Kulim or Rawang, there are these other towns, whose advantages are dissipating with a changing world. What do they do? Continue reading “Locals need local solutions”

Anwar lbw by Najib, according to umpire Badawi

If you think of it like cricket, someone is claiming a wicket from a wide and the umpire is obliging.

It would be difficult for Anwar Ibrahim with his amazingly full schedule and poor back to organise afternoon rapes of his special aide. I’m not buying it, but more importantly Malaysians are completely unimpressed. And where will this end? Continue reading “Anwar lbw by Najib, according to umpire Badawi”

King Mahathir and three sons

King Lear is playing in a parliamentary district near you.

In Shakespearean light the drama in Malaysia is so close in resemblance to the story of a King with children who give him different fortunes.

We are not talking about his biological children ( Mukhriz, Mirzan or Mokhzani) but his political children, those whose power places have been influenced by King Mahathir who is going euphemistically blind. Continue reading “King Mahathir and three sons”

Raja Petra gone berserk?

A friend of mine is adamant without Raja Petra, Pakatan Rakyat would not be sitting pretty with 82 parliamentary seats. The strange days we live today would not be.

I said, ok. I was not willing to argue with his number one fan. To be fair, Raja Petra had a major role in drilling a hole in BN’s trust value during the election campaign. So fair crackers to RPK. Continue reading “Raja Petra gone berserk?”

Culture free Malaysia

Popular art in Malaysia. Is it good enough? I’m talking about our music, movies and street graffiti really.

A fair number of people would point out if you have to grade art then you have a limited understanding of art. Fair enough, however my thesis here is that art in Malaysia is failing artists themselves.

The asphyxiating culture prevalent in the regulating of artistic expression in the country has resulted in artistic endeavours haemorrhaging under the guise of producing culturally appropriate expression. Continue reading “Culture free Malaysia”