Big brother Singapore

The Singaporeans must think we are chumps. Najib announced yesterday that the fuel ruling against foreigners buying our petrol at border regions is off until the cabinets meets again (malaysiakini, 1 June) .

The announcement was made after our DPM attended the Security Summit with the Singaporeans. Apparently few concerns have only now emerged:

a) What about Malaysians residing in Singapore with PRs and Republic cars

b) Johoreans working in Singapore who would use Singapore registered vehicles

The question I’d ask, did the Minister of Domestic Trade, Shahrir Samad as a Johorean did not consider these issues, and did no one in the Malaysian government realise these issues before the Singaporeans thought of it, and did the DPM ask the Minister in charge before he rescinded the ruling?

Taking back policies in a week does not make you look smart or revolutionary, and right now it seems all that it takes for our policies down is a bit of advice from our neighbours.

The DPM added that there might be alternate pumps for foreigners as Singaporeans are willing to pay market price for petrol. This is obviously going to create another set of problems and are we going to wait till the Singaporeans tell us how to execute it?

So who is the big brother in this relationship?

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