Sex videos, illegal?

Growing up in KL, you can understand why whenever someone in class smuggles in some pornography, that ‘someone’ becomes a celebrity for a day. All the 13 year olds wished they could be like him, a man. Someone who can access porn. And yes, this was before the worldwide web. I can imagine 13 year olds today would think porn in the classroom is so passe.

But I can see where we are heading. Where most nations with a history of repression suddenly are flooded with things that were ‘off limits’ to them. Like a child in a chocolate factory, we indulge. And still, there is nothing wrong with chocolate.

Today, the new straits times reported on how a 52 year was arrested along with his friend a 21 year old for having their sexual congress recorded in a phone by a third party. Apparently the 52 year old wanted to keep a copy for posterity. Actually most men who just had a 21 year old girl would like to do the same. These things don’t often happen.

The question is how fixated are we going to be about these things. Its one thing for media to sensationalise it for more circulation, another when our police and court time are spent on these things.

I’ve not met a Malaysian lately who thinks crime is not a problem. And it is common for the police to claim they are understaffed. Maybe being less preoccupied with moral peccadilloes of Malaysians might help get more officers to fight crime.

And for the syariah courts which started out as family courts, how about trying to sort out the various dubious divorce cases and divorced fathers who default on child support?

Those are my practical considerations, on why we are better off doing something else.

There is the moral consideration, so I will not avert from it.

Is it wrong to record on your phone camera? That is to answer. The harder one is, should we allow adults to video tape themselves having sex?

What people do in their private space is not for others to judge, as long as it is consensual.

I know it is sticky, but I fear we are quickly becoming a nation fixated with taboo, and spending a lot of public time and resource resolving it, when everyday technology is giving more and more ways for people to go around laws.

And the nation is getting more liberal by the day. More things are permissible in urban Malaysia than they were 20 years ago.

There will be a law-maker soon who will have the gonads to propose in parliament for the legalisation of porn, not because he or she lacks morality rather due to practicality.

We chose not to ban porn sites in Malaysian, because it is impractical to stop information on the internet. And we are trying to get every Malaysian to have internet connectivity. Would that not mean, every Malaysian eventually would have porn a few clicks away? Then why try to stop people who have in their possession pornographic material?

Interesting times ahead. The problem may not be the 51 year old and his 21 year old friend in a hut in a Felda development, the problem may be their numerous neighbours who downloaded the video into their own phones. Eh?

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