Obama me here

In living memory I have never seen Malaysians this engrossed with the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination for the 2008 election.

This is not even the Presidential election proper, and I have people in our prime minister’s office putting up as their facebook status support of Obama, admiration of Obama and tribute to Obama.

Which is nice to follow, and I too follow the adventures of the senator from Illinois, the state of Abraham Lincoln and everyone is waiting on for a Lincoln-esque experience from boy president to be.

The question batu 9 is cornered with is, if so many educated Malaysians who are members of Umno are excited about the possibility of a one half black president for the most powerful country in the world, are they also for a constitutionally non-Malay prime minister for Malaysia?

You can’t argue that it would be a great advert for multicultural America to have an ethnic minority as President and then turn on and claim an ethnic minority in Malaysia should not become prime minister.

Although constitutionally there is no ethnic limitation to become prime minister, the naming of a PAS man as chief minister in Perak and not a DAP man, because the latter is not Malay does say something. More so about the federalists in Putrajaya.

We are all accustomed to the line, in respect to the sensitivities of constitutional Malays in Malaysia, all Malaysians accept that the prime minister has to be a constitutional Malay.

Firstly not all Malaysians do. I don’t.

Secondly, where do these spin doctors get off accusing constitutional Malays of having a singular consciousness? Only the Borg in Star Trek have this anomaly, the rest of us are pretty much individuals.

Finally, how about it being disrespectful to Malaysians who are not constitutionally Malay?

That is why if you are rooting for Obama, you better not support glass ceilings in your own country, because that would make you a hypocrite. Eh?

2 thoughts on “Obama me here

  1. I think menj you missed the point that we are looking at inclusivity. So you would be upset with a woman PM for instance?

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