PAS Youth do the crocodile rock!

I sat down and tried to work out if PAS youth were to have their own theme song, something uplifting and not from the Nasyid rack, what would it be…something upbeat. I wanted a western track because despite all the pontification and rants about the loss of moral virtue, they would like to form an outgoing and international look about them.

I quickly deleted Shakira’s ‘underneath your clothes‘, from the list despite it being about having a dream man and committing fidelity for that love. The whole ‘clothes bit’ with Shakira moving her half Lebanese assets on screen might offend them, since Ella with jeans already irritates them.

Plus the PAS boys might make an association with Nietzsche ‘s Overman (Ubermensch) in this regard, and he is Godless so the song is a definite no no.

The whole ‘girls with flesh’ had to go, Britney, Christina Aguillera, Rihanna and anyone who is female and been popular in the last twenty years.

The song I had to settle for was from Elton John’s Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting. Come on, this is a gem!

Elton’s gay, but since PAS Youth usually want the genders not to mix unnecessarily his preference of keeping intimate conversations only with boys will really appeal to the PAS boys. Second, they’ve said they are up for any physical confrontations with Umno boys who do have a history of being overly violent when they have the police backing them up.

I understand these are cheap-shots at PAS Youth, and they do involve themselves with more community work than most groups, however they have to hold back on religious rigour.

They can argue that they cannot separate their faith from their politics, and that most Malaysians are Muslims.

I’d say some of the severe and often terminal problems faced by various countries with Islamic parties is because they cannot separate their faith from politics as those Syiahs and Sunnis in Iraq are articulating with their dilapidated guns. I get the argument from many that there is a singular view in Islamic, but all the on the ground facts do not correspond to that view.

Point in fact would be the MQM in Pakistan who have huge differences with the traditional Punjab-Sindhi thinking and speaking population who are Muslims like them, but are opposed philosophically because of their faith.

That is one, but the other sticky wicket is the number of Muslims in Malaysia.

Just because a person has Islam stuck on his or her IC mean automatically you have a complete understanding of the person. Muslims come in all shapes and form. The abused wife who runs a small business to feel the family because the husband is too busy gossiping at the tea stall. The architect who is more interested in creating an illusion of freedom in his designs rather than fashioning out the most number of prayer rooms. The super detail conscious marketing manager who would pay to dirty dance in front of Brad Pitt.

The list goes on. Its true that for now there are millions of young Malaysians Muslims who are still in lower income homes and with strong adherence to culture, but that is changing by the minute dude.

The internet, astro, living off-campus and trying to keep up with your mini-skirted friends in the office is all going to tip the scales to modern living, for better or worse.

So PAS has the heartland, but the heartland is shrinking. Agriculture is a minority activity in Kedah. More people are likely to be in a wafer or chip plant or inspecting condom production quality, and the numbers will grow.

PAS complains about the lack of development in Kelantan and Trengganu, but its a bit of catch 20-20 eh. The more developed the area gets, the less support traditional PAS politics will have.

Don’t get me wrong, people will vote based on faith, but they would like their leaders to respect lifestyle choices.

Americans don’t get upset when church attendances nose dive to the bottom, but they do like having their churches. And they will get upset when their proselytisers are arrested in Sudan. Same way many Muslims here get upset about the way Palestineans are treated. They can identify with oppressed Muslims, but that does not necessarily mean they want Islamic governance back in KL.

Don’t assume a singularity in your voters.

PAS will increasingly need to upmarket themselves and their ideas to a very cosmopolitan Malaysia in 2020. A time where your five time praying muslim will also be obsessed with his latest playstation or Xbox .

And he would prefer his Muslim girls not to wear miniskirts and denim tops, but he won’t fire a bazooka over it.

Maybe PAS should start planning for this electorate.

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