Love is Mahathir, Mahathir is love

I am spoilt for choices these days. If the police were not acting like the gestapo I’d say I’m almost in candyland.

My main man Mahathir, part man all cocky, is at it again. This time is claiming that Tamils in Malaysia are racists. This is coming from the most powerful racist in Malaysia for the past forty years. I mean I know of a few xenophobic freaks in my lifetime but none of them personally saw to the erection of racist process after racist process to fundamentally divide the Malaysian people, just so he could stay in power and wipe away his genetic Indian make-up away.

I have grown up loathing Samy Vellu, so it actually hurts a bit saying this, but I’ll say it,” M-man, take it easy on the old crony.” ( refer to Malaysiakini report)

For the uninitiated, Keralans -those from the state of Kerala,yes yes, in South India- have always had a little annoyance with the Tamils as neighbours. So I can understand why Mahathir as a Melayu baru and Keralan lama is constantly irked with Tamils, plus Mahathir is usually pissed off when he is not in charge.

Which means he has been pissed for most of his life.

MIC have lost a monumental amount of voters in the last year or so. The stories of massive police brutality against Hindraf marchers last year is making the rounds in temples, knittings circles and weddings, so the loss is going to be long term.

So as a party they have to run back to their race, since Umno has discounted integration of race parties since independence.

That explains MIC, what explains Mahathir?

I think he looks down on Indians. Maybe its his own insecurities, but it has manifested in his policy making.

He looks down on others too as characterised by his orders that he would personally shoot refugees landing on Trengganu while he was Home Minister in the seventies. If the man is willing to shoot poor down-trodden Vietnamese refugees running from guns, he can hate anyone.

It might be that everytime he ignored Indians he was taking one more step away from his Indian heritage, a little bit of therapy. And in the same token, if he repeated his amazing love for his Malay heritage, then he becomes more Malay.

But as a medical doctor it must have dawned upon him that his Indian portions as as they are, and his Malay portions will stay still too. Genetic make up is permanent. You can’t become any less Malay or any more Malay after birth.

What is truly extraordinary is that there are young Malaysians who think that Mahathir is Malaysian first. Go pick any Mahathir written text, he’ll say it over and over, his commitment and desire is for Malay dominance and he is not the least bit apologetic about it.

However I am happy. Just like what he did to Tunku Abdul Rahman when he got into power, the Badawi administration is starting to do to him. Taking his past apart.

And there are enough victims to come out in turn to haunt Mahathir until he expires.

If Abdullah stays on, he’ll kick sand in M-man’s face. When Najib takes over, he’ll kick some sand in M-Man’s face. If Kuli goes up, he will chuck the sand in buckets.

Of course if Anwar goes up, M-man will be expecting a sandstorm.

So these are the days of aquarius you see, for me. M-man is getting his due. And there are not going to be many days of sunshine for the old dictator.

5 thoughts on “Love is Mahathir, Mahathir is love

  1. That’s the thanks Malays get for their kindness in granting free citizenship to poor and unqualified labourers from India and China.

    Freedom to migrate to Australia, Canada, USA – pick your choice. But first find out how expensive and difficult it is to obtain citizenship of these “progressive” and first world countries. And worse there are real stories of racism, yes racism eben in these excellent freedom loving countries.

    All the best to your next move …

  2. DON’T MISS THE BOAT to REPUBLICANS..TIMES UP all to go ..before we learn about love and to be loved..lets learn about losing something appreciated your own testimony during the constitution from the british, not only malaysia, but the world is to be shared until to our kitchen, agree? read
    The problem is CORRUPTION. once started by Hang Li Po, her grandchildren admitted those, Arab taught to lie, Parameswara taught to change name. NOW WE ARE ON LURCH, British trying to stay heroic, Nothing got to do with american that we hate for jewish matters, democrates proven corrupted by their components and oppositions who were from their own pocket, semangat 46, PKRs were UMNO’s etc..remember?..Aggravated by Corruptions, PEOPLE has to AUDIT through Republicans..Democrates is myths and proven

  3. “That’s the thanks Malays get for their kindness in granting free citizenship to poor and unqualified labourers from India and China.”

    What shit is this dude talking about? Did the poor and unqualified Chinese and Indians labourers not fight and die along side the Malays to get ‘Malaysianised”?

    This is the kind of stoooopid thinking that continues to fuck up the country. when the hell are we gonna stop arguing about who was here first?

    There are times, you know, that history is irrelevant.

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