Raja Petra gone berserk?

A friend of mine is adamant without Raja Petra, Pakatan Rakyat would not be sitting pretty with 82 parliamentary seats. The strange days we live today would not be.

I said, ok. I was not willing to argue with his number one fan. To be fair, Raja Petra had a major role in drilling a hole in BN’s trust value during the election campaign. So fair crackers to RPK.

However I was not quite ready for his latest bit. I mean looking at his statement on Malaysiakini, that the dpm’s wife was at the scene of the alleged murder of Altantuya is just well great drama. I mean I have been in various gatherings, rallies, presentations, press conferences, etc seeing all types of people having a go at Najib before, during and after the elections over Altantuya, but this declaration is going to lead to all kinds of madness.

However this ends, one thing is for sure, RPK has cojones, a whole bagful. The man is likely to sit in the eye of the storm, look at the twirling, swirling and death around him and be upset that the storm has not hit him yet. He likes to fight it out.

What is going to happen? Najib has to go after him. You can’t ignore a man who goes to high court and swears that your wife dabbles in political execution.

But how hard can Najib go, that is more pertinent. He first has to worry about how to keep Umno up above the flooding Anwar and Pakatan have encouraged on, manage that then he has to look at how to weave the Umno political labyrinth to politely succeed Badawi while casting aside Muhyiddin and other pretenders. He must feel like a sprinter asked to run a marathon after finishing two sprints in quick succession.

RPK must be this huge wart he just cannot scrub off even with the nastiest acid solution.

The neatest way to get this thing sorted out is to force an issue distraction. If Najib is thinking only of his own rise, then it is better to bring the negative press on the PM, not him.

He can’t manoeuvre if he is the focus. He can’t be the saviour of the party if he is the one needing saving.

RPK may be lying, but that does not matter under this situation, not when so many vultures are about.

Najib needs the lights off him.

What will he do?

He could go for controlled heating. Let the rumouring and some defections to occur. Lose a few Sabah politicians and make every other BN party nervy. Then Badawi must go. Steps in the son of the founder of BN and prodigal son Najib to save his father’s coalition.

The fire might end up burning everyone.

The more complicated approach would be to make the PM have a problem that make only him look bad, but not the party and coalition. This has to be about indiscretion or an error of judgment. Maybe a cultural taboo, that you won’t think the premier with his religious credential would not likely do. A lot of attention went to him for just putting a hand innocently on Michelle Yeoh’s shoulder so there is a goldmine there.

So maybe RPK has just set into motion a whole series of actions which will lead to not to Najib’s demise, but the prime minister’s.

3 thoughts on “Raja Petra gone berserk?

  1. You got the plot twisted the wrong way, son. It’s not RPK who’s gone berserk – how many people has he slaughtered? Whoever ordered the absuction and killing of that pesky Mongolian woman would be the ones who went berserk. The two UTK guys accused of the murder are at best merely the instruments of those who wield sufficient political power to delete immigration records, manipulate police investigations, pull the AG’s strings, muzzle the media, and intimidate potential whistle-blowers.
    Not even the great RPK can claim such power! QED

  2. thanks for the comment antares.

    the title is question marked, so I am asking the public to decide if RPK is all ok or not. I think he is pretty ok except for being gung-ho.

    But I am no fan of najib or badawi.

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