Anwar lbw by Najib, according to umpire Badawi

If you think of it like cricket, someone is claiming a wicket from a wide and the umpire is obliging.

It would be difficult for Anwar Ibrahim with his amazingly full schedule and poor back to organise afternoon rapes of his special aide. I’m not buying it, but more importantly Malaysians are completely unimpressed. And where will this end?

The person most likely to benefit from the distraction for now is Najib, and the reports flying back and forth in internet speed does not augur well for the governing coalition.

Non-Umno ministers are steering clear from this -and already three Umno ministers are linked indirectly to the young alleged sodomy victim Saiful Bahari- and this looks like a solo trip by Umno. This is quite telling of the state of relations within the BN, and uneasy present.

This might make or break Umno.

The impressive thing about Anwar’s play in situations like these -and a step ahead of Nik Aziz and Kit Siang- is that he is always keeping his nemeses on their toes. The police, security agencies and the prime minister might send their wrath but the man does not just wait and see. That is what infuriates Umno endlessly.

He changes the rules, just as much as the BN guys do.

In 98 he did not wait for the dust to settle before starting his tours and gatherings, not letting Mahathir to completely control the tempo of the political struggle.

Today – if anything – he is playing the game even better. The pictures discrediting the accuser Saiful Bahri were already in Wan Azizah’s handphone, and stories of the lads affinity for BN is making the rounds too.

Anwar holes himself up in the Turkish embassy, disabling another controversial ‘grab him in the night’ operation, and forcing Malaysia to consider an external party or country so early in the case.

Anwar has 82 lieutenants in Parliament and they will be playing their part in the days to come.

And more. No more are Anwar and gang fighting with sticks and stones.

Najib denies

As presented here before, and as it seems to everyone, there might be a Najib angle in this.

Perhaps the nice guy image of the PM is actually helping him for a change. No one thinks he is behind this, but his Altantuya tainted deputy is clearly in the radar of everyone looking for a fall guy.

But Abdullah’s hands are not clean in this. Najib may or may not be the one claiming the wicket, but there is no doubt the police would not act on the situation unless given the blessing of the prime minister. The big green light would be necessary to go after Anwar for the very same accusations as the ones that rocked the core of this country a decade ago.

This umpire is not going to get out of this without bruises, and this might – despite any misgivings – accelerate the rise of Anwar to premiership.

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