Hindraf 5 – Let them out!

I’ve held back from saying anything over the matter since so many other people have already covered the matter quite extensively. So I’ll make the admission, there might nothing new in the lines below.

However when a state incarcerates people – fathers, sons, voters, taxpayers – for their political beliefs, then the rest must rise and say no! And it does not matter how many times you will say it. We’ll just tire those who hold the keys and make them let them out, just to shut us up. Continue reading “Hindraf 5 – Let them out!”

Paroled to Jail

Crime is the indiscretions of members of a society upon itself.

It is in the examination of that statement which helps any society become safer and welcoming to all its people. As we advance as a people the potential to harm each other increases.

And that is breaking from habit I am actually going to applaud Hamid Albar for launching the new Parole System in the country. Though it is very belated. Continue reading “Paroled to Jail”

Inul, let’s dance

Dance is synonymous with society and culture. Dances are also synonymous with sexuality.

So when did the bright minds of the false corners of Malaysia think Inul dancing to her fans would bring down the moral fabric of the nation? There are things PAS Youth can be doing which actually changes the fate of peoples, but instead they mire themselves in yet another sleaze-test.

And this was in the cancelling of Inul Daratista’s concerts in JB and KL at the eleventh hour because men with no hobbies disliked it.

To both the Johor Baru and Kuala Lumpur City Halls, thank you for being silly. Continue reading “Inul, let’s dance”

Beer please

The days are long and the nights are, well just shambolic.

Well you look at the beer prices in KL these days. Now, now before those who look unkindly at beer guzzlers, wine connoisseurs and spirits mixers switch off from my analysis, there is a rights issue here.

I have more than on one occasion reiterated the offensive taxation in Malaysia on alcohol – and now with the ghastly oil furore perhaps policy makers can reduce our drink bill for the month. Continue reading “Beer please”

Mandela-ism for PAS-Umno unity

In 1997, just weeks after Diana’s death Michael Douglas asked on TV if we were to feel the same level of emotions if someone more meaningful like Mother Theresa were to die. And she did a week later.

Douglas’ prophetic words come to me as I think of the greatest man of my generation kicks into what is probably the last leg of his life.

Mandela is the epitome of grace.

Continue reading “Mandela-ism for PAS-Umno unity”

Private Space

It’s mine, please leave.

Compared to Hobbes’ Leviathan borne out of his own sense of awe to power and Rousseau’s pseudo-religious extension of rights being inalienable from all penitent souls, Locke would have best fit with most bloggers presently.

Neither an angel nor a man driven to salving the souls of many, he operated on the principle of me. That man had the right of property, and that right has to be respected irrespective. Without that respect society’s cannot be built, and laws will collapse for the lack those abiding it.

From that vastly complex rationale structure, one idea comes searing through – man has rights of privacy. Continue reading “Private Space”