Lying in Malaysia

What is a lie?

The volume of information coming here, there and everywhere. Everything is becoming fuzzy, but one thing is for sure, someone is lying.

When person a says the two dimensional object is a square and another says it is a triangle – barring any metaphysical extensions – one of them is lying.

This is the only certainty.

So how to navigate the news reports in the country now.

The truth be told, this is all the undoing of BN. For 50 years they convinced generation after generation of Malaysians that truth is what is said by authority.

And the caveat for such a rule is information gatekeeping. No one got to know from the allowed media anything that was inconsistent with the truths from the authorities.

The benefits, you are not confronted by a society constantly redefining the parameter of truth and reason, or their own existence. Power, to the ruling class. Soul to your given religion as proscribed by the ruling class. Your aspirations, take the ones we give you.

The absolute tragedy, your people will swallow whatever you chuck at them, as they have been trained.

What the rulers of fiefdoms like ours ruled out, that things will change.

And they have.

Planned people

We have a whole population who are by large from that mould, and now are confronted by continuous bombardment of dynamic and intemperate results of massive shifts in the information age. Too much is coming to those so used to so little. And the insulation we have been subjected to is making us easy targets.

And that is where we are now.

We don’t look at objects on paper on ask questions like, what is the nature of a triangle or square, we look our shoulders and seek the approval of our teachers on what is a triangle or square.

In classic Orwellian fashion, we think east is good, or west is good based on what our political masters tell us. I am sick listening to so many young people who never been out of the country and ill-informed of western society as a whole telling me about how we need to worry about budaya kuning.

I am not sure what is conceptual triangle or square, but we as a people have to find our individual truths while we get a better conception of the truth with other people. We discern other people’s truth by discourse and engagement. The media expresses societal undercurrents and thoughts, enabling individuals to have a connection with the rest of their society.

The process is replicated and repeated and a thinking society emerges.

BN have that opportunity still. However they know doing so may compromise their own political relevance by doing so. The choices are stark. Allow Malaysians to join the revolution of the world and risk losing your political hegemony, or trap Malaysians in fixed think and let the continuing murk of ideas to continue.

Ball is in your court PWTC.

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