The rocker who mooned PAS

What’s in a name? Well a lot if you call yourself Carburetor Dung. Worser still, if you expose the instrument panels of your dung release mechanism. You get beaten by a restless group, sweltering in the Sunday Sun of Kelana Jaya.

Yesterday’s Protes even got raunchy in the mid part when the rock band arranged by Hishammuddin Rais gave the crowd more than they bargained for, the buttocks of the lead singer. Alak in a moment of lunacy brandished his rear bit and with the help of the organisers managed to elak most of the blows.

Alak was escorted out safely finally, not before Hishamuddin Rais had to apologise to the crowd and Dr Lo Lo had to send the rowdy boys off for prayers.

But the question does beg, are rock groups welcomed at PR events?

Let me rephrase it. In the world of Pakatan Rakyat, which has two types of Muslims, the more conservative PAS and seemingly liberal PKR guys, is there space for louder expression, and maybe not so religious expression?

This is why the New Strait Times focussed on a short scuffle between some wanting to beat one guy and the some who wanted to help the poor guy from being beaten was made an issue more than the more pertinent things to happen later that day.

Is the NST saying the scuffle was bigger than the speech made by Anwar at the culmination of the night?

I’ll leave my staccato pissing of the NST awhile.

Can pass live with those who have cultural expressions that are different from them? The world of PKR and DAP will have Ella concerts, Miss China Doll competitions, Dangdut lounges with very dim lights and ballroom dance competitions.

This is the whole challenge of becoming a partner when your views are pretty set and immovable. The orthodox Jewish parties who are king makers are rarely team players with those they make King. Even the Greens in Germany who may have seen themselves having a natural fit with the ruling Social Democrats kept getting disappointed with them reneging on firm environmental commitments.

The truth is, for parties that are purely regional, or remain in opposition or are just junior partners in national coalitions, have less a perspective of how hard it is to hold the centre.

Bharatiya Janata Dal Party (India) and Motherland Party (Turkey) learned quickly they had to abandon some of their more religious driven agenda in order to keep their government stable.

For survival and relevance PAS might have to tolerate the Carburetor Dung’s of the world, if not relegate themselves back to being a regional or opposition party only. I wonder if Nik Aziz is capable of compromise being so distanced from those nice Muslim kids that go for the Jom Heboh concerts.

As for the NST, the New Strait Lies went irrelevant a long time ago, and hangs on to history as a basis of minute import.

One thought on “The rocker who mooned PAS

  1. hey good article! Thanks.
    I LOVE your title! ha ha!
    i hvent made a full opinion yet – thus surfing around blogs to see what others think of this issue.
    but seriously, maybe i’m thinking this very issue you write about – the pluralities of The Malay IS a really big issue. Loads of important issues raised by a couple of inches of blue boxer shorts, loud guitars and projectile mineral water bottles.
    From the videos I’ve seen of the speeches, nothing new was raised abt the cost of petrol and the incompetency of the government with regards to the economy, nothing we didn’t know already, Anwar didnt drop a bombshell, but this thing about types of Malay youth as a microcosm of society at large – hmmm enough substance for a pretty interesting thesis doncha think?
    Our country’s in a mess thats fer sure.

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