Homophobic Bernama

Try reading these. two articles by Bernama, you and tell me. First Melati Mohd Ariff’s Homosexuals’ life of moral decadence and then Soraya Jamal’s When lust has no boundaries.

I can give you the gist. Heterosexual, good-normal-healthy-culturally cool-well done. Homosexuals, deviants – lustful -unnatural – heinous.

Everybody has the right to an opinion and Bernama as the national news agency has the right to say what it opines to be better. But it does have the obligation to at least look balanced? Less we make the world think Malaysians are not into fairness, just into gay-bashing.

Great promo for Visit Malaysia 2009 – “we don’t hate gays, we just think they are detestable.”

The commentaries

Leaving the writers in the two articles aside, let us look at the quotes by the commentators.

ABIM does not like homosexuality, do you have to ask them to know that? Especially when their ex-leader is under scrutiny for same sex activities. President Yusri Mohamad did the whole rigmarole about raiding places and stuff. His curve ball was that we need to “monitor” actors and artistes who are “prone to portraying ‘feminine’ images.”

I think I know who he means. But dude, these effeminate guys are highly regarded by your Muslim viewers, what does that tell you about the general perception about being slightly left of normal? Perhaps we need to have required viewing for university students on why they need to be straight. A little ‘Clockwork Orange‘ won’t hurt us one bit.

The academic, Prof Suradi Salim from UM explains that “close and continuous interactions with members of the same sex on a prolonged basis, leads to a slight problem.”

And there were brilliant sound-bites:

Intoxicated with lust and desire often perpetrates rape (Suradi)

Clutches of their ‘hidden’ lust (Robiah Hamzah- motivational expert)

Spiritual zombies (Robiah)

You have to think, if these guys don’t pursue their fascism utopia they might have a future as Umno political consultants, which might be the same thing.

And there are those who are quick to make pronouncements on behalf of everyone, the Malaysian Hindu Sangham. A bunch of yodels on crack they yap whenever anyone bothers to listen to them what they think is Hindu practice. As their president Vaithilingam puts it- ” The Hindu religion does not accept homosexual practices.”

Bro, there is no singular governing body for the diverse philosophical, cultural, idolatry, meditation, trans-meditation, body bending yoga, worship of the body sexually and everything else that falls in India. So where do these yahoo’s get the gumption to become regulators?

I think they watch too many Jakim videos.

The analysis

Malaysia is not going to reverse the global transition in accepting homosexuality. We can take religious and moral repugnance to a point only. After that we start hurting ourselves as a community. Homosexuality is not purely psychological, as scientific research shows it is also biological.

There is only that much you can blame residential schools, women’s prison and moral weakness. It might just be, some people are apples and others are oranges. Oranges are not better than apples but they are different.

You can’t keep telling an orange he is an apple because most people are apples. You are going to make that orange one really messed up orange, pretending to be an apple.

People are diverse. You can’t force homogeneity by force. The Spanish Inquisition was not a fine time in history.

The analogy

This reminds me of a train ride I took a long time ago with other uni students. It was 20 hour train ride. In the morning I found a group from UIA (International Islamic University) deep in discussion. They had an impasse in their discourse. It was, whether to beat a homosexual couple caught in the act or to hand them over to the coppers. They had some killer statements on how a good whacking can cure people of even cancer.

I suggested a third option – which irritated them more than any non-halal Thai breakfast they could have – why not leave them alone. Leave them homosexuals alone.

Seriously. They are not asking for your tax money, and they are not asking for a national holiday after themselves. They are not asking for more gay oriented TV shows, they are not asking for Gay night at your local disco. They are not asking for gay week in your local universities.

So why don’t you leave them alone?

The reverse effect

Bernama better be careful.

Most of the mamak stalls selling magazines sell by the dozens young people’s magazine which are about moral lessons. But the lessons relate to repentance from sin. It is the sin, the explanation and examination of the characters before and after sexual acts that provides gratification for the readers.

The repentance at the end is just a formality. For the reader to feel less sinful and for the publishers to defend their book for its moral uprightness.

In some senses the two articles in the sleazy description and visual language have probably inadvertently increased the bi- curiosity of readers.

I think I will have an apple now.

6 thoughts on “Homophobic Bernama

  1. That’s ridiculous and lame. Bernama has a reputation of being a serious news source; to be involved in this kind of semi-salacious sanctimonious ‘news’ writing is very Harian Metro.

    Oh yeah, trump all those juicy sexy bits, and then chastise the subjects for being involved in them. Watch papers sell!

  2. Deep down inside, every male in malaysia is GAY,

    try asking any boys in KL – what’s their activities on sat night out in town..

    I can almost garentee you that, visiting lorong haji taib will be part of thier agenda.

  3. there are some misstatement in the reply..it shouldn’t be ‘stupid uia people’ because i believe not all of them are stupid. i like this article especially in the analysis (orange and apple). fair and just

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