Pakatan’s XI

“All that I know most surely about morality and obligations, I owe to football” – Albert Camus

So in a convoluted way, I’d like to look at naming a Pakatan first eleven, if I had to name a team for the present Pakatan political players.

I’ll be using a strict 4-4-2 formation. The prevailing formations are different, but for the purposes of a team that has never won the championship (Malaysian Parliament) we might want to err on the side of caution.

This is the best 11 persons on the side of Pakatan, but the best to play in a team to get the results (Yes yes, fairly amorphous line – hold the cynicism for the end).

Here’s the team

—————–Syed Husin————–

Azmin Ali –Fong Po Kuan —-Nik Aziz —Dr Nasir Hashim

Sapp —-Wan Azizah –Anwar Ibrahim– Balasubramaniam

—————Hindraf —–Lim Kit Siang——-

In goal: The safest pair of hands in Pakatan we need for this position. With these Umno dudes you never know if they try to score from offside. If we need who want move out of position even if the FRU truck decides to ram through goal. The person then can only be Syed Husin Ali, Deputy President of PKR. Former prisoner of conscience and the man giant of Parti Rakyat Malaysia through to its merger with Keadilan.

He can watch out for attacks from the new guards – Najib and Khairy, and the old vultures like Mahathir.

Defence: The two centrebacks have to be strong and work together, taking the police reports, intimidations and bribes. They have to be useful to pop in the odd goal at set-pieces of course. Strong, sharp and a winning touch.

Emm. Fong Po Kuan and Nik Abdul Aziz. MP from Batu Gajah has been the young success story, winning unexpected in 99 and staying put despite all attacks externally and internally. You can say, she sees the big picture despite some from the all boys club being uncomfortable with a veteran MP who is young and female. There was a fear she withdraw from contesting, but her change of mind has got more than just her constituents all excited. The unshakable Fong is in the line- up.

Everyone writes off Nik Abdul Aziz, but as long as the old teacher remains PAS is not going to be driven to a coalition with UMNO, no matter how meetings Nasharuddin Mat Isa or Mustafa Ali have with Najib. He has memory of the failed partnership with Umno in 74 and how that was used by Umno to keep PAS out of Kelantan for 12 years. So he won’t buy any bull.

There is a nice chemistry of old and new. Fong giving the energy and Nik Aziz providing the experience to shore up this partnership.

Left back; has to be Dr Nasir Hashim of PSM. PSM is a strong support base for Pakatan in Perak and Selangor. Plus you have to keep a socialist on the left. A strong sportsman from his days in RMC, he would be priceless marauding up and down against the Barisan dudes.

It is important that PSM are a constant support for Pakatan, and not seek to show their independence and need to look important. It is an affliction for parties that are smaller than their other partners. PSM will keep the line.

Right back; that would be Azmin Ali old Umno and new PKR. The man seems to be a calm character who plays down negatives, plays up positives and never lets the line down. Plus he is as right as the guys in Umno are.

This is a bit like the, know the bug to beat the bug line.

Midfield: Obvious choices eh. PKR President Wan Azizah as holding midfielder and Anwar Ibrahim as the playmaker. Despite all the high drama elsewhere, the Pakatan parliament team has got on with work with little fuss, even people like Loh Goh Burne and Azizah has to take take credit for that.

If the August transition occurs then it is the stability of the team that must take credit for it. Tian Chua and Lim Guan Eng were my alternates for holding midfielder, but they are more firebrand than cool hands lukes.

Anwar does what he does, when anyone gives him the ball, plan the attack.

Left midfield: someone with energy, ability to run and be stealthy at times. Then the natural choice is Razak Baginda’s ex-private investigator who is making everyone in BN squirm, Balasubramaniam. First he hits and runs, a real hallmark for a good winger.

Right midfield is a real toss-up since there are so few midfield type of players in Pakatan. Will go for a party instead, Sapp. The Sabah Progressive Party is the first party to openly defy the Badawi regime, so they did create. They kept their line despite being challenged by Putrajaya and Sabah gangsters, for they shown defensive fortitude. They get the nod.

Strikers: Forwards score if they take shots and there is no group more willing to take shots since last year like Hindraf. Those guys were out battling in every seat they could in Peninsula and post-elections they have kept the pressure no matter it is Pakatan or Barisan.

You score when you shoot and Hindraf are likelier to score more than most. In they go.

And you have experience at the back, you have experience in at the front. Lim Kit Siang. Not a chief minister, but he knows how to feed the odd ball through or win a penalty. And for that you have him in your team. Plus being an old and cunning operator he is more likely to know the Anwar through balls better than other players.

So there you have it. The team, wonder if the team changes in the next month or so.

6 thoughts on “Pakatan’s XI

  1. out of all the pakatan state leaders, i can’t believe you leave out Guan Eng and Nizaruddin (perak). both are actual administrators that actually know how to run a state.

    I don’t see how bala got a place. this kind of “one” off stunt is not good for consistent performance. i would rather have karpal singh, husam musa or teresa kok.

  2. bala is more suitable for the position of a star sub and not the 1st 11.
    And i really think you should consider to base your 1st 11 with jus the MP ‘PR’ currently having

  3. well bala is in for this period. The line-up changes with current performances.

    So guys, Bala is in for the week

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