Hiroshima, The alamo or Normandy?

(At 12.55pm July 16 2008, the police have again arrested Anwar)

At times like this, nothing makes sense. At times like this, it feels pretty shitty being Malaysian.

Its July 16, the anniversary of the atomic bomb and the Malaysian political lords have decided it is time to end the resurgence of the Malaysian people, by arresting the symbol of resistance to Umno – Anwar Ibrahim.

The feudal class have dropped their bomb.

This reminds me of how every prime minister has claimed that they have kept peace in this country by using repressive laws against the very people they are safeguarding.

Are we to assume, if you jail all those brighter than you and scare the ‘ka-jeesus’ out of the Malaysian people, their timidness and acquiescence to your power is peace?

When debacles like this occur, people on whether it is a:

a) Hiroshima – that all dreams of success and government ends with the arrest. Anwar is 61 years old and there is just not enough gas in the tank for PKR and friends right now to build on the momentum. At best they will become a limited force. The might of the explosion is too much to bear.

b) The alamo – that the immediate front of PKR and friends will be hit hardest. More arrest will follow in the next few days, and it is going to be a real mess for the forces of change in Malaysia. They will pay their pound of flesh. But when the dust settles, as they built Texas from the pain of a slaughter, the PKR lads are going on to surely win Putrajaya in by December probably.

It is going to hurt before it gets much better.

c) Normandy – that the end of Umno is sooner than you think. That the mis-step in arresting Anwar a day after his trouncing of an Umno minister in a TV debate is going to make grassroots just pissed off, now. The rise in discontent will be not limited to party members but to all Malaysians and they will dethrone the people running Putrajaya now. The meticulous developments and planning of the Pakatan guys over the last few years is going to come to fruition. The dam is broken by those soon to vanquish.

I am not a betting man, but my countrymen are completely immersed in speculation as you can know from the ultra-long queues at 4D shops. And they will be speculating away at coffee shops and country-clubs, and my sneaky feeling is, it is not going to be in favour of Umno.

I think this July, Anwar is Umno’s Bad News Bear.

4 thoughts on “Hiroshima, The alamo or Normandy?

  1. This is so true. All nation feels so unsecure about the future. So uncertain with the leaders. So many questions without answers. So many doubts left unanswered… Sigh.

  2. im surprised you thought anwar trounced shabereey cheek in the debate.

    Albeit i missed the final quarter of the debate, i thought it was at best a draw, an at worst, shabereey won!

    Anwar looked slightly shaken, while shabereey was composed throughout

  3. Well all the trouncing happened in the final quarter of the debate!!

    Being objective, anwar would seem more consistent to whom he was playing to, the middle class Muslim home. He had more soundbites.

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