Private Space

It’s mine, please leave.

Compared to Hobbes’ Leviathan borne out of his own sense of awe to power and Rousseau’s pseudo-religious extension of rights being inalienable from all penitent souls, Locke would have best fit with most bloggers presently.

Neither an angel nor a man driven to salving the souls of many, he operated on the principle of me. That man had the right of property, and that right has to be respected irrespective. Without that respect society’s cannot be built, and laws will collapse for the lack those abiding it.

From that vastly complex rationale structure, one idea comes searing through – man has rights of privacy.No point having property without privacy.

Surprisingly I’m going to have much agreement with many Islamic scholars.

In Malaysia, privacy is paid scant respect.

This might be partially accentuated by the nation gaining independence in the middle of a long communist insurgency. It was the passport to various privacy relegating policies.

Taken away

Those residing near jungles and potentially provide supply lines to the Communist were forcibly evacuated to new villages under the Briggs Plan. Just like that.

As you can see, our political masters have got used to moving us about and prying into our lives without prior permission.

Property is not absolute, just temporarily under your care. The state can alter laws to change the status of land from reserve land to industrial land, on a whim.

And if property is temporal, than people and their lives are too.

As seen by enforcement agencies and even local councils raiding and hurtling themselves into establishments they feel are immoral.

For me, you have to show the harm first, before you act.

If you are about to go chasing after illegal karaokes, then you will spend a lifetime looking for them. They will always mushroom, because your people need them.

It is amazing to see the various TM signboards asking Malaysians not to surf porn. It is the surest and fastest way to tell tourists that Malaysians are porn-addicts.

Respect space

In the modern world, countries don’t choose people, people choose countries.

Malaysia should pay heed to that advice. The great tropics, fruits, seas and jungles will not entice people, if widespread rape of privacy occurs in Malaysia.

People like their space, and we should give them their space.

Hotels do not need to deal with religious department enforcers, who want to make spot-checks. It is horrendous.

People pay for space, and quite a price for it, and even then have to contend with the fear of religious authorities bugging them. Where is the respect there?

But we are trying to help

That is the classic condition. We need to pry to help you. If you can pry into everyone’s space to help them, are you willing to trade your own space in order for other people to help you?

Are we all willing to live without private space?

All societies are faced by this debate, and they debate it. But here, like most things – the powers that be are deciding for us.

And that’s what so exasperating about Malaysia. That there is a ruling class that thinks they can rule indefinitely without the input of people. I mean real input.

No more.

It is time we start to defend private space and not give in. Our homes is where we live, and our right to the home is absolute. What we do in it, is only for us to know – unless we break just laws or disturb the peace of others.

Otherwise, bugger-off.

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