Inul, let’s dance

Dance is synonymous with society and culture. Dances are also synonymous with sexuality.

So when did the bright minds of the false corners of Malaysia think Inul dancing to her fans would bring down the moral fabric of the nation? There are things PAS Youth can be doing which actually changes the fate of peoples, but instead they mire themselves in yet another sleaze-test.

And this was in the cancelling of Inul Daratista’s concerts in JB and KL at the eleventh hour because men with no hobbies disliked it.

To both the Johor Baru and Kuala Lumpur City Halls, thank you for being silly.

To those who got their way, where do you get off ruling the lives of others?


Where is the harm in the concerts. They had it last year and it went ok, so what is it that Inul is doing now that is suddenly so offensive to the general populace?

The transaction involves Inul and her fans. How does it become an issue of public morality?

The answer lies not in her music but in her gelek gerudi. For a satellite TV infused society, nothing she is likely to do will shock the viewers. Far more importantly it is a private show. People buy tickets and someone performs. Nothing in it breaks public lewdness laws, and we have to be objective when we judge.

When adjudging what is to be allowed or not, we have to look at the possible harm the act will bring. And you cannot incorporate indirect harm.

You can’t say, since they are putting on a sexy dance show, I will be helpless to ignore it and I will go there – with my wife and two teenage daughters. Or that the mere idea that dances like these are allowed, I will also be tempted to dress and dance like Inul.

The whole, we cannot take chances is a slippery slope argument. It may ultimately lead to the barring of everything which has a possibility of sexual titillation. We might just end up like Pakistan where their women are not allowed to appear too much, but their men indulge in frolicking with other men who dance and dress like women.

The whole thing reeks of repression, and we as a nation not locked in by the radicals need to stand up those who want to regulate our moral behaviour.

Malaysian expression levels

Any popular dance will have sexual content.

That is why great production houses are not giving an arm and a leg to get the RTM dancers to make a tour of European city.

Seriously the dancing you see on terrestrial tv is surreal, and is not representative of the true dance expression of our people. It is the dance of censorship. What you get when everything that is objectionable – to the uppity moral hounds who rule cultural sphere – has been stripped off.

What you have is repulsion. A dance that is devoid of artistic freedom. And the worst part is, since we have condoned a spectacular amount of moral policing – there is a whole generation of Malaysians who think it is quite okay for a complete stranger to dictate to them moral values.

We have become vessels of other people’s consciousness rather than free agents who can make decisions by ourselves.

The staid culture we have promoted has made us fairly unimpressive as a people.

We talk about culture and how Malaysia is truly Asian, is it? There are no real innovations and breakthroughs in Malay cultural dancing. It has been sterilised throughout. We only repeat what has been done before, and even that is whittled down through the years to what is acceptable.

You dance, you try not to touch each other too much. The dancers must cover themselves more and more since the aurat is all over. The dancers must dance but not too happily, because that would suggest they have immersed themselves in their dance they might forget themselves. There can be no element of sexual attraction, drive or excitement. There can be mild innocent attraction, but we have to make sure that nothing untoward happens in the dance or after it.

The freedom of man

Man is free and in a market economy he pays is own way in life. So he is entitled to watch a willing dancer sing and wriggle her rear parts as she feels.

I mean, why are we not protesting the Chelsea – Malaysia match going on right now for being obscenely expensive. In these hard times, surely paying at least RM 83 is too much for a football match. So should we decide for those Malaysians who are willing to pay, and say, “You don’t know enough, let me save your money for you. It is for your own good?”

I seem to have so many people willing to protect my virtue and all I want is for people to leave me alone.

If they think they can dictate my moral virtues, then by extension I have the right to dictate theirs. So can I pretty please get a chance to perform the final audition performance of Jennifer Beal’s in Flashdance while in my thongs – because I think everyone deserves some liberal education?

It is a bit silly, yes – but that is exactly how their desire to regulate what I can watch or not with my money seems to me.

This is a different country now

This is truly a different country now. No amount of putting lies on government TV and government friendly astro will change it. Neither will the banning of concerts by sexy dancers.

Your Muslim girls live in an information age. The days of control over people has effectively ended. Repressive laws only reflect a deep-seated desire to control, and nothing else.

If you think less sexiness is good, I welcome you to present your ideas and debate it as we do in a modern democracy. If people are still keen on not listening to you, they are just exercising their rights. Just like you have the right to exercise your cultural prerogative within you private space irrespective of that everyone else thinks of it.

Let me dance. You can dance too. If you don’t like it, leave. But don’t you dare make me stop dancing, no matter who or what you are. And if you insist, then I will say “bugger off.”

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