Merdeka Weekend

The budget is done, and today on the eve of the country people might not bother too much about it other than the key information: a) because it is the eve of Merdeka and a long weekend, people may have already fled the city by now; b) what is the point to a budget when the government is in tatters, and a government collapse real and possible? Continue reading “Merdeka Weekend”

Avril, Pas youth and Rockarama

Avril, of all things

The girl is the mess-rock chick. Her appeal extends to boys who have not showered for days and would trade their souls for a bungee jump. She is not a diva, and I cannot believe I am saying it but Celine Dion might have more appeal – sexually I mean. Continue reading “Avril, Pas youth and Rockarama”

In the PM’s office today

In 1998 both vice-presidents of Umno, Abdullah Badawi and Najib would have seen the developments and events leading to the sacking of Anwar Ibrahim with great curiousity.

They were party to the fact a great opportunity opening up, but based on the Anwar immediate response and knowing the ex-ABIM man is average street fighter, they would have been cautiously optimistic. Continue reading “In the PM’s office today”

What’s in a name?

Najib attracted my attention. He is not what you say ‘a polished speaker’ so it is hard to listen to him or read what he says. But he got me this time- when he quipped that unlike other neighbouring countries who in the past enforced name changes for non-natives to native names, Malaysia never did.

And for that, we should be grateful.

However Najib – before I actually get to the part dissecting the matter, surely you would understand Umno as a party can never support an effort to localise names.

How can Umno the Malay party, fighting for the rights of one race over other races operate if everyone has a Malay name? They’ve rendered their party meaningless. Continue reading “What’s in a name?”