Fellatio Nation

People have the right to pursue sexual happiness as long as they do not reduce the rights of other people. This is a pretty simple notion. A notion opposed to enforcement officers who look high and low for couples in action – paid civil servant who are voyeurs and perverts of sorts.

People are going down on each other nationwide – unsuspecting in this hour of their immense need, that they are breaking the law.

The Anwar situation has unravelled alas through the ingenuity of the Malaysian Police some serious questions about moral laws in Malaysia.

Apparently the ISA is not the only archaic law in Malaysia, there are some insidious laws which are remnants of a British administration of Malaya. It is even more queer that Britain has rectified these laws back in Westminster – but Malaysia persists with them.

The key reason why Penal Code 377 was never repealed is quite obvious – no one was likely to go to prison for it, even if so many flout this code. No one seriously felt they were going to face a magistrate like Oscar Wilde did for his friendship with the son of Lord of Queensberry.

The code is about unnatural sex. Now, so many people are likely to nod their agreement about their opposition to unnatural sex. To the general public, unnatural would refer to acts like paedophilia, incest and (to the religious-minded) pre-marital affairs- not oral sex or sodomy.

You don’t often bump into people with t-shirts emblazoned “ Oral sex sucks!’ or ‘ Buggery is thievery’. It is not a concern of the people, more so when they wear their voter’s hat. So why is the attorney-general of Malaysia so bent on it – mind the pun – right now?

It is political assassination, but inadvertently they are opening the moral debate for all Malaysians.

There is now contemporary precedence for prosecution for sexual lifestyle. Any state prosecutors who wants to reignite this for other cases just because his or her moral values oppose expansive sexual bahaviour. And in this time of out-islamising everyone – you can never know when you, your families or anyone will be caught for unnatural sex. All you need is an overzealous prosecution office.

Facilitate lives

It is hard for Malaysians as a society to talk about sex, it is almost the most difficult to talk about. It is surprising that the government does not see it as worrying, but rather something we should be proud about. There is misconception that if people speak less about sex, then less sexual misdeeds occur.

Penal Code 377 wants to exclude all sexual behaviour that is beyond straight heterosexual intercourse – it is akin to idea of orthodox jew’s permissible sexual acts.

But why must the state bother to monitor and adjudicate this matter? It has nothing to do with the running of the state- of cleaner and safer streets, of working amenities and reliable transportation systems.

The facilitates our lives – on our terms – not determine our lives for us.

It is getting out of hand.

Few months ago the guard at the LRT station lectured two commuters for being sweet with each other. He was telling this couple – paying customers of the company that is paying his salary – how to behave while waiting for a train.

Where does the guard get the gumption or authority?

It all emanates from a feudal state which allows those with perceived powers to lord over those below them.

That is not a nation of rules, that is just a nation of expediency.

The global joke that Malaysians are about the biggest porn viewers in the world – population ratio. Just like Australia has the most number of winning athletes for its population size.

I’m not sure whether it is just the massive co-ordination repression in the country – where our performing artists dress like aliens compared to other regional artists just so we look modest – or that Malaysians have strong libido. I don’t know, but the effects are for us all to see.

I have two certainties only. One we have to talk about it – across the board involving even young adults. Second, we have to come to a formula which is representative of the multicultural nature of Malaysia, and by multicultural I do not mean race only – but inclusive of gender, geographic peculiarities, sexual orientation etc.

Our sexual mores in actuality are far different from the official version peddled by our official representatives.

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