Public Prayers – a protest note

I have always been uneasy with them.

Because they are always going to be about the majority. In Malaysia everyday, in public functions – events begin with a prayer, and there is absolutely no reason for them.

I am not disallowing from praying, I believe they can pray most hours of their lives, but do they have to pray at a public meeting – a meeting that must belong to everyone equally.

It’s a short while

First the duration of the prayer does not remove the principle of it. It is imposition. Second, if it is really short, why not do it before the meeting proper?

I am not challenging the right of people to pray, I am challenging their right to use my time to make their prayer.

And it is nothing to with Islam or Christianity or any other faith. But people have to respect my space.

Article 3

Don’t even go there. There are enough semantical arguments

I stand on the side that despite an official religion statement in the constitution is only symbolic.

And yes there are contrary arguments, I concede.

The context is important.

In the pre-Mahathir days there were 3 bars in Parliament and the old Rahman days, Parliament was opened with a champagne toast.

When I started school, there were no school prayers. They just stopped Christian prayers in the missionary school. By the time I was in university every event known to man in Malaysia has a prayer to kick start it.

The only contest

My contest is that my time is mine.

It is not an agenda against anyone or any faith. Whether it is a minute or five minutes it is fairly discomforting, just as much as if I was imposing the Klingon or Vulcan prayer on non- Star Trek enthusiasts.

Pray all you want, just not at public events.

2 thoughts on “Public Prayers – a protest note

  1. Totally understand your stand.Thats exactly how i feel too.I feel prayers itself shall not has a time constraint where you must pray at this time and sort. It is all about one’s heart towards God.

  2. Why do I wake mouthing the word BASTARD?
    Because it is around 5.30am and I am NOT a Moslem.
    Do those Moslems who want to pray at this hour not have watches or clocks?
    Was electronic amplification of prayers available when Islam began?
    I respect all people’s right to believe what they like, but not to impose on the rest of us.
    Just in past month I know two people who swear they will never come to Malaysia again because their day is ruined by this early morning intrusion which tires them for their sightseeing, shopping and enjoyment of the wonderful city which is KL, and resorts like Kuantan, Penang, Cameron, Melacca etc etc.

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