Avril, Pas youth and Rockarama

Avril, of all things

The girl is the mess-rock chick. Her appeal extends to boys who have not showered for days and would trade their souls for a bungee jump. She is not a diva, and I cannot believe I am saying it but Celine Dion might have more appeal – sexually I mean.

So the Pas boys are not willing to give Avril a pass to perform in KL this merdeka. And since they need an opponent a symbol to quash in order to actually get together – so that they can party, I don’t think anyone should be overly upset.

It is after all a challenge to amuse yourself if you are a Pas Youth function. What can you possibly do? The kids join the party as a commitment to solemnity and a religious way of life. Which is not unlike the Christian groups – however they have their Christian Rock bands. Saying hallelujah without being too boring – well at least to them. I feel nauseated listening to Switchfoot.

Talking about Switchfoot, how come the Pas dudes are not up in arms about them – selling records in Malaysia. They are a Christian band and all, is Pas not worried our young Muslim kids being converted to Christian rock music?

Excuse to party

Young people have energy and Pas Youth members are no different.

Irish priests in the old days tend to make the boys run to ground on the playing fields, so that they are too tired to have impure thoughts or start fights. The lads of course end up being repressed, but the need for a release is real.

That is what we saw in Kelana Jaya Stadium when Carburetor Dung were shoved back from where they came – the boys came for some action, and the lead vocalists was the recipient of the unrest.

So in Malaysia Baru, with all new democratic rights, and fireworks for all at KLCC, what does a morally outstanding scholar do to release pent-up energy – I mean marrying early only sorts some of the issues.

This is a serious issue for the moralist. If all you do is talk about what is right, and attend concerts where the artist are to show restraint and only speak of the virtue of light entertainment, and the audience must mildly record their approval from gender segregated seats and the event must not coincide with other religious obligations – how much fun can you really have?

No seriously. In the Mtv age, these kids do know of glittery and flashier world, and they are going to like it because they are kids. It is repression and moral flattery that keeps from joining in.

Urbanisation and development, may ask Pas Youth to become more contemporary. I suppose the leniency to approved entertainment and limited access to other modes of entertainment is an indication, of where Pas is heading. However it is not even remotely close to social changes.

Settle for protest fun

That is the extent for fun then.

Protesting Inul, Mariah, Beyonce and Avril. Getting together and ranting about the falling moral standards. While doing that, you get to group and scream – which is what rock groupies do too. Funny eh?

One thought on “Avril, Pas youth and Rockarama

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