Bus going Bust – Part One

Judging by the number of people standing by the side of Puduraya now, hoping rather than waiting for their buses – since they bought their ticket off a guy who looks like he just robbed a liquor store – you can sense their apprehension.

But the apprehension is for every Malaysian who has to rely on public transportation – cross state or across your taman. Continue reading “Bus going Bust – Part One”


The Anwar Failing

This blog said that the clockdown was on for Anwar when he mentioned 16 Sept, and the clock has lapsed.

The deadline has not been met and the phone rings intermittently with Umno and Umno sycophants telling me how off the mark I’ve been.

No qualified retraction here – the thing did not happen. Continue reading “The Anwar Failing”

Race sticker (sticky race?)

Driving in some crazy KL traffic, I had the strange honour of being behind a small but new car. It had a new sticker too.

It read: UiTM, Hak Melayu, dan bumiputera. (UiTM, a Malay right, and bumiputera)

There were few things to notice other than the actual text alone. For example making the distinction between Malays and Bumiputeras when saying Bumiputera would suffice in the conventional context of for whom UiTM is for, and that they put in prominent font the words ‘ Hak Melayu’. Continue reading “Race sticker (sticky race?)”

Rumour Nation

During nomination day in March, in quaint Bandar Tun Razak – where Selangor menteri besar Khalid Ibrahim was contesting against Tan Chai Ho – the gathering crowds were screaming at each other various epithets and insults about foreign ladies, anal inclinations, woeful submarines, mixed spouses and stuff you can’t get out of a trashy novel.

Are they true, were they ever true, will they be true?

Does it matter in Malaysia – that is probably the better question. Continue reading “Rumour Nation”

Guilty until proven innocent

…the new Malaysian mantra.

Apparently the police need to take you in, handcuff you, place you in a jail cell with inhumane conditions, ask you to sleep on a cement slab, disrupt your sleep, mock you and hope for some type of confession – if they think you might be a threat.

The concept of threat has been stretched to a point the word encapsulates even things like going out on a Sunday morning to pick your newspaper. Continue reading “Guilty until proven innocent”