Tumpang a bit

I love the tumpang line.

Growing up in Selangor and going to school in KL, you get all kinds of meanings to tumpang (share, reside temporarily or give).

My friends used to eat out of my plate, saying “tumpang skit“.

So it really is a derogatory or friendly term – depending on how you use it. And in the mind of Ahmad Ismail – I am not sure he wants to be as in the Carpenters’ song Close to me.

In school

My history teacher introduced me to the less charming elements of tumpang, as she explained to my constitutionally malay classroom minus me, that when you have a home and you get a servant to work in the house you are not going to make the servant the master, right. After all they are just tumpang at your home, serving it yes, but for their own interest. The master is always the master.

Maybe its me, but I was not upset about it. That does not mean I think she was remotely right. She was wrong, very wrong – dead wrong. But as a person interested in making the change, being upset about bigotry in Malaysia is never going to solve the problem.

That does not mean you tolerate bigotry – just don’t let hate confuse you or upset you from being active enough in trying to change things.

The bigots deepest desire is to hurt your psyche.

Kicking the fascists out

The is only one way really. You vote Umno out.

Racism in this country may not all be Umno’s doing, but they have preserved the primitive race dialogue in this country, so that their idea of power sharing  “separate but somewhat equal” ideology would rule. That the Malays would fear the heartless Chinese businessmen, and the Chinese are one wrong move from being kicked out of the country.

This base think and its promotion which is caging us as a nation.

Ahmad Ismail is not a lone voice in the wilderness. Most Umno assemblies are about race supremacy and how enough is never enough.

Time is up Abdullah Badawi, for you and your party.

3 thoughts on “Tumpang a bit

  1. If the component members of say Chelsea FC decide to abandon ship, then probably this is what will happen:
    – An incident is engineered.
    – Martial law declared.
    – Suspend the “players” and the place where they meet – “the stadium”, and rule until the end of time.

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