15 sen conditional offer

In my teens I had a friend who used me a lot. He would get so much out of me, and everytime I protest he tells me that I will be allowed to court his really lovely sister if I played ball. I said yes oh yes. And right then he would say, I will be able to make a pass once she breaks-up from her boyfriend. Of course they never did – while i still liked her.

I am not sure where she is now, and I am not sure it matters anymore. Which brings me to the topic of political promises, as promised by the prime minister today – the price of oil will drop by 15 sen if the global oil price stays at 109USD and lower by end of the year. Talk about double ifs.

You cannot promise and build ideas on ifs. Badawi wants to win momentary votes and public sympathy – fearing Sep 16 – by promising two ifs. Which is really sad.

Even sadder than the newspaper that felt it deserved the front page.

Badawi must remember the 15 sen oil reduction during the Permatang Pauh caused barely a pip in the collective consciousness of the nation. This is not to argue that people are not happy to pay less for their petrol, but they are not attributing it to Badawi’s leadership, and they are still sore they have to pay 55 sen more than they did in May and deal with the general price rises due to the initial sharp price increase.

People may not be complex and articulate as the PM’s advisers – but they can do basic arithmetic. And they don’t like how things add up.

Global price up

Global oil price stability is never a given. There is an American presidential election, the Chinese industries toned down during the Olympics will have already started picking up, and so would their demand of crude oil for their production – forcing prices up again, and there is the spectre of an uncertain Iraq.

And I am leaving the oil speculators out of the analysis.

Is it fair to show a distant carrot to a Malaysian public for our present submission?

I think about my friend’s sister now. What a dud deal I got into as an adolescent. Is the Malaysian government treating all Malaysians as adolescents?

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