Sexy polite

The vacuous think perpetrating daily life in Malaysia when it comes to attire, borders the insane.

For example look at the poses by Nora’Ashikin Rahmat on Friday’s Hip section in Berita Harian.  As the bride to be to Mawi she was lying seductively on the floor looking up. The whole thing screamed sexual attraction, yet the whole tone of the article was about sexual propriety – about the polite relationship she has with a fiancee Mawi.

They were out last – two months ago to catch the Hulk.

We are asked to assume that there is no sexuality in the relationships of our artiste – and Mawi the poster child of the religious moderates  is the extreme example – yet so much sex is imbued in the imagery of artistes.

It is almost like, it is not sex – if you don’t say the word.

And life imitates art – and how dangerous that is.

Too iffy

The goalposts are shifty all the time. Your TV hosts wear double layers. She wants to wear a singlet and skirt. And she probably would when she is in the Curve after shooting. But since appropriateness kicks in, she will put on an underlayer which covers her neck to wrists, and tights to cover where her skirt ends and to the ankle.

The result is grotesque, and uniquely Malaysian.

There is this artificial nature of how Malaysians are supposed to look, and how they really are.

Walk down the streets of KL and there is a showcase of young girls trying to sell the Islamic look. Tudungs stretched to the limit.

Let’s count the ways:

  1. The tighter than skin jeans accompanied by the baby t and the tudung
  2. The baju kebaya with the slit past the thighs, and the tudung
  3. The baju kurung with the tudung lifted for the neck view

The list goes on, and an expat asked me – if looking sexy is something they are trying to avoid they are looking going about it in an awful way. I suppose so.

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