Guilty until proven innocent

…the new Malaysian mantra.

Apparently the police need to take you in, handcuff you, place you in a jail cell with inhumane conditions, ask you to sleep on a cement slab, disrupt your sleep, mock you and hope for some type of confession – if they think you might be a threat.

The concept of threat has been stretched to a point the word encapsulates even things like going out on a Sunday morning to pick your newspaper.

Maybe you are going out of the house to grab the paper, but how can we be sure that on the way you might not stab the milk man with your slippers. Possible. Or when you reach the paper, you might slip and fall and hurt yourself – so we’ll save you the danger of falling by placing you in a jail cell.

And oh-oh what about picking the paper and reading it upside down – you might be challenging basic reading techniques and ‘threaten’ a generation of young innocent pre-schoolers into reading the wrong way too.

Anything is possible, and until we can rule it out – why not lock you up first?

The letter of the law vs the spirit of the law

There is madness in the arrests and release of Teresa Kok, Tan Hoon Cheng and Kickdefella, a surreal strip parochial logic.

Umno and its police are arguing constantly that they are acting within the scope of power. It is a strange thing, power.

Laws are made in regards to a context. However context overwhelms the ability of words to explain them – so laws are written with clarity, measurability and specifics attached to them, with a regard to those deciphering it applying reason to their application.

Sedition laws are there because sedition is possible – but sedition is not widespread. The law is there to deal with it, in the event it occurs. Those who make charges are taught over and over in law school on interpretation and on legal principles and philosophy.

Prosecutors have all these laws like cool weapons on a superhero – but they use it judiciously, as needed – not do and then find a justification.

The truth is, a half smart person will always be able to find a legal allowance for any action they carry.

The higher ideal, the spirit of the law cannot be diminished by someone bent on proffering only the letters of that law.

Human bit

The humble truth is, a Selangor councillor who was on the verge of going home to sleep was dragged to a jail cell – to stay for a week. If you think the jail cells you see in American TV are rough, you don’t want to see how are cells are like.

Malaysian cells are a about degradation of a person’s sense of worth and pride. They are cesspools constructed to celebrate the cruelty of those who consigned them there.

And they all experienced that for?

Some point soon, we all have to realise that when our system puts people away for their political belief, we the people are putting this people away for their political belief.

Government act on our behalf. We are the ones who put Teresa Kok and the rest in jail. The laws represent us.

Tomorrow when I wake up, I will be careful when I walk out of the house. Who knows what kind of ‘threat’ I pose to others, and even to myself.

Threat, baloney.

4 thoughts on “Guilty until proven innocent

  1. Theresa Kok and people like her who hold public office should always seek proper counsel on the subject of precision in preparation of their public statements in order to avoid embarrassment to themselves and to the outcomes they like her so desperately now seeks to avoid.

    If these statements attributed to her in her press release were prepared or approved by her for publication and if I were a constituent of hers, I would have grave reservations about her ability to communicate my needs as a constituent to the legislature.

    This is, judging from her very poor ability to express herself properly in the language of her choice, English. She speaks English (if that’s not stretching the imagination too far) but clearly thinks in Chinese and not even Bahasa.

    Perhaps this is why she chooses the Chinese characters so provocatively displayed often on her website, from which any polemic is excised and diversity of thought discouraged. A totalitarian mindset in skirts and make up? Democracy? Freedom of expression ? I think not.

    Theresa Kok is her own biggest enemy. By implication of what she says in her press release and public comments (assuming what’s attributed to her as being her statements here is correct), she patronisingly seeks to impugn unlawful or unfair conduct on the part of the police in their investigation of complaints and allegations made against her and her activities.

    There is a wide discretion of powers given to the police not only in Malaysia but in many common law countries of the world to exercise in the course of their investigations. The police do not have to ask a suspect the types of questions the suspect would prefer them to ask. Which planet does this woman live on?

    The ISA is no ordinary piece of legislation and police questioning is not designed to assist the suspect conceal what they seek to elicit from them. That does not even occur during a non ISA instituted course of interrogation or questioning by police anywhere.

    Whether or not one likes the ISA, it remains on the statute books and a personal revulsion to the Act is insignificant to its application or its existence until such revulsion manifests itself in a change of legislation.

    As an example there is universal opposition to the death penalty. I would have assumed that such a truly draconian sanction in penalty would have been a priority issue for a self confessed practicing Catholic and Chinese chauvinist MP to pursue.

    It is after all an issue concerned with the preservation of human life which doctrinally is paramount to everything in Catholicism. And forgiveness a close second relative. And further statistically for good measure the Chinese remain the largest victims of the gallows in South East Asia. And even further still her priorities lie squarely with the Malaysian Chinese community!!

    There is a different forum and process by which people are able to express their dissatisfaction or revulsion to the ISA. That process and forum was available for the public to act on in March 8 of 2008. The results of that event are self evident.

    The ISA was not a policy issue then sufficient to change anything. With Theresa Kok’s incarceration under the Act it suddenly takes centre stage.

    Who is Theresa Kok really acting for? her narcissistic self or her constituents who are narrowly aligned to her equally narrow non secular racially inspired ideologies? she has set herself up for her fall and now plays Mother Theresa or the little flower.


    Were the police acting in a high handed manner in their detention and interrogation of her? perhaps so. But were they breaking the law in doing so? I think not.

    What Theresa Kok in her statement here speculates is, that in detaining her and in not conducting an investigation according to what she believes was the right way to go about it has rendered the police action against her unlawful and immoral.

    Further it would appear from her statement, that she is inviting an inference that it was the Utusan Melayu’s publication on the offending subject that was the genesis of her problems. Pure speculation. Maybe an officer who interviewed her said so. But that’s a statement of the officer and not one of proof that UM was the complainant.

    Her further attempts to widen the conflict by drawing on a statement by MP Ahmad Ismail of Bukit Benedera and turning it into a racist controversy worthy of the proverbial “charity” that would “cover her multitude of sins” against the Malays is pathetic.

    I once more urge Theresa Kok to discover the meaning of the word racist and place it for her here to absorb.

    “a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one’s own race is superior and has the right to rule others.”

    Ahmad Ismail’s comment in this regard at worst is perhaps a misstatement of fact or a statement misplaced in context. He referred to Chinese as squatters. I won’t go into that definition as it may hurt and lend unsolicited credibility to Ahmad’s statement.


    If Theresa was genuinely concerned about racism she would have worked earnestly with the backing of the empire of the Vatican to;
    (i) prevent Chinese exploitation and brutality against Phillipino and Indonesian maids in Malaysia (which statistically human rights orgnisations number ethnic Chinese families in Malaysia as being disproportionately bigger offenders than the other two races),
    (ii) condemn and actively discouraged Raja Petra Kamaruddin from blaspheming against the prophet regardless of her different religion to his,
    (iii) condemn his vile racist comments against Malays which by any definition is racist and a vilification of an entire race without any defense, justification or moral qualification.
    (iv) campaign against Chinese exploitation of poor Indians who are the lowest paid employees in Chinese dominated organizations in Malaysia.
    (v) campaign against the scourge of Chinese triad societies and the brutal predatory Ah Longs
    (vi) campaign against the scourge of prostitution ( a profession dominated by Chinese pimps and not only in Malaysia)
    (vii) campaign against the Catholic churches abuse of orphans and other weaker persons within it
    (viii) seek out and make public pedophiles and sexual predators within the Catholic church a matter that is universal within that organization.


    Instead she calls for Raja Petra Kamaruddin’s release as if he were an innocent victim of justice gone wrong. A Martyr for her cause celebre, being the defamation and racial stereotyping of Malays and Muslims.

    In this regard she may well be advised of a well hackneyed phrase applicable to people in her position: “You lie with dogs, Theresa, you get fleas”.

    Her desperation in exploiting what Ahmad Ismail said and by her attempts at extrapolating his words into a specious argument about racism is just that. Desperation.

    It beggars belief that someone in her position should cry foul whilst upholding the alley cat morality of one such as Raja Petra Kamaruddin. A man bereft of any morals and credibility attempting to hide behind a thin veneer of respectability by calling himself a journalist.

    In the current political and communally charged environment it is people like Theresa Kok and Raja Petra Kamuruddin that lend credibility to the existence of the ISA and support its implementation as a tool to prevent a greater mischief being committed against the community at large.

    Many Malaysians unfortunately tend to forget what occurred during the blood letting of May 13 1969. To many more of a younger generation May 13th is merely academic and a reference point to the extremities of communalism. That’s dangerous.

    Theresa Kok and Raja Petra Kamaruddin are birds of a feather. Generous with the lives of others in their provocation, eccentricity and their attempts at pushing the envelop to tearing point in pursuit of personal gratification, public attention and adulation, a mistaken belief they are doing the community a service. It is populist adventurism in its most vile and dangerous form.


    Well there may be those who admire such politically bankrupt exploitation of racial tension either willfully or negligently by covering it with the respectability of “democracy and freedom of speech”. They then draw on the indiscretions of their opponents to justify what they do. But no one is game enough to ask the question;

    “when did the indiscretions of those you despise become your moral beacon to follow?”

    Read the second point she raises in her media statement on release. If any of you could decipher the incomplete syntax of this woman please make it less cryptic and share its meaning with the rest of us. Additionally if one can adduce any proof of what she accuses the city council of doing in changing road signs also please comment.

    If a member of Parliament who practices a religion with a historical and ideological intolerance of the beliefs of others as its credo and then espouses it on her website, eschews a common language that could reach all constituents, but instead uses Chinese characters and English and calls herself a democrat and a freedom lover, goes hell for leather against Malays and Muslims in her unbridled and contemptuous hatred for them, she deserves more than a mere locking up for 8 days in solitary.

    Welcome to the world of partisan politics. Welcome to the world of non Catholics and welcome to diversity of opinion Theresa Kok.

    The following may also be worth remembering Theresa.

    There are no absolute democracies n this world. That’s a euphemism for anarchy. Your right to express your freedom ends at the tip of your neighbours nose

    My Advice: If you can’t stand the heat. get out of the kitchen”.

    Gopal Raj Kumar

  2. lol…
    been observing through everything happening around these days…
    tonite the media not trying but showed what they’ve got really…clear…
    it is very very clear what she said during the 1st press conference…”the food is similiar to dogs food”, then today, she blame the media for ’tilting’ her statements.n her explanation is????what she was saying is that the food was “a bit better than the dogs’s food”?…erm…erm so which one?similar or a bit better?pls anyone explain this equation to me since it cannot be understand neither in english nor bahasa…huhuhuhuhu….
    is this a linear equation?
    same thing happen to ahmad n he got what people think he deserve…so what about her?erm…the media was wrong…again…isnt it?

  3. ….which also very very clear…she has a lousy mouth

    need more explanation?? ask yourself, have u ever get conned??

    this is her, tricking people, as easy as that, just accept it, that is the way of the world.

    i dunno y people hard to admit their wrongs and say sorry, if she say sorry then it is all settle.

  4. wah3..pandai ko tulis ye..knapa perlu takut polis+ISA etc klu tak buat salah,yg salah ja takut..cth klu umah ko kena rompak,family@friends@ko kena ragut,bunuh,rogol,kemalangan,etc(harap2 tak sbb aku ni sntiasa jg hati org..)..ko nk mntak tlg sape..teressa kok,karpal singh,guan eng semua..

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