Your time to fight

Government is not going to be sorted out by a few people. Everyone has to get involved and please spare me the “We all vote don’t we?”

The often stated statistic: democracies fail because their institutions fail.

Nothing new in that, except the qualifier of what is ‘working’ has always been the point of leverage for those who intend to control the process, and inevitably destroy it.

Democracy is ladies and gentlemen, a fragile conception tethering on various pitfalls continuously. And it is even at its zenith, too precious to be left in the hands of the few. Continue reading “Your time to fight”

End of days for hockey

In 1980, Malaysia’s football team qualified for the Olympics but chose not to attend it because the hosts- The Soviet Union – just started an incursion into Afghanistan.


Malaysian football has never qualified for anything as prestigious since. We are officially a minnow. Continue reading “End of days for hockey”

Lesbian Seagulls fly…

Well they have to in Malaysia, since the National Fatwa Council with eternal wisdom and tentacle like premonition have banned, yes banned women from dressing up like men.

Katherine Hepburn roll in your grave!

Since they could not succinctly characterise what a tomboy was or is, they have decided those who decide to dress like men, but are biologically women are now need to tread very carefully. Continue reading “Lesbian Seagulls fly…”

A child in jail, shame on us all

There are days I wished there was a hell, mind you it is only a fleeting thought, a human frailty. For no one deserves to suffer eternally as some type of perverse rationale of good.

Yet there are those that border that thin line to too much, occasionally. Our police when they took a six year old into custody did that yesterday. Vwaishhnnavi is a name hard to spell, but I think many of us will try to keep her in our memory. Continue reading “A child in jail, shame on us all”

Time to cancel Wesak Holiday

Every year without failure there are cries about how holidays – about if they are given and on the scheduling of things around it.

The former was on display as a teacher commented on the inappropriateness of having a meeting for exam markers on the eve of Deepavalli. That it would inevitably force those celebrating to opt out, and therefore affect their career.

The real problem, why we can’t have a permanent solution is the Gregorian calendar – that we use it.

To be precise, the world uses it. Say it is the after-effect of colonialism or the realities of a globalised world, the fact is we use it. Continue reading “Time to cancel Wesak Holiday”

Plumbers for pipes, not ministers

The school in Dengkil has no full fencing for the school, water – since the pipes are aged and decrepit therefore reduce the water pressure – and a computer lab with obsolete computers.

They’ve raised the issue, and pursue the district education office, but to avail.

However their canteen has been overdone – in the tiling, in the roofing, etc which the school has said it never needed. What was a RM7000 job became a RM140,000 exercise. Continue reading “Plumbers for pipes, not ministers”