Gatecrashing for a voice

Syed Hamid Albar – I try not to mock him too much since he is an easy prey – was aghast with the Hindraf supporters who decided to go see the prime minister for his open house on raya first day. He was absolutely livid about it, and my thoughts are, why does the good minister think that he has more rights to see the prime minister than these voters – for an open house that asks all Malaysians to come over?

Qualifiers then

If the home minister and the prime minister are of the opinion that when they meant open house, they meant open to those who subscribe to Barisan politics. That would make it clear, at least to us the rakyat. I do like to know whose money the PM used for the function anyhow.

Please place in small print, like any good lawyer – look! I’m saying something nice about Syed Hamid Albar – that the event is strictly for BN fans.

The real contention

The castigation is about the fact, people are willing to politicise a social engagement. Which is a fair statement, if it were a sensible society. But it is not.

The PM might, but the home minister won’t I hope, fail to realise that the five Hindraf men are in prison because the home minister placed them there under his discretion, under his interpretation of danger to society.

And the men and their families and their friends and their supporters are deprived the right to contest the arrest, so what do you expect to do?

If you arrest men because of their political conviction, then you are politicising justice. And if so, they are justified nay required to court and harass you to rectify your decision to remove their basic human rights.

Sorry PM, you removed the right to have a truce for your functions when you compromise unconstitutionally other people’s liberty.

The real contention is that you could not swat them down with water cannons or FRU batons because your guests are there with cameras ensuing. And you can’t leave your own event. The tragedy for you and your home minister was that you had to confront your accusers, and Umno politicians have always struggled to deal with any fair fights.

They like subservience from all and sundry, actually they demand it – like the feudal lords they are.


The reason they gatecrashed is because they don’t get a forum really to talk about this sticky situation. Governments have the moral obligation to meet its constituents on fair terms and if that is impossible, then to persuade the constituents nevertheless. That is how the Malaysian government will get the real respect of other nations, because right now – yes Hamid, they won’t say it to you in your face – they think the country is run by a bunch of self-indulgent brats.

Governments must always lead dialogue, or they lose their populace. And no, hate ceramahs by the Biro Tata Negara don’t qualify.

The MIC cometh

The Samy come lately in this travesty is MIC. Coming in with standard swagger, they chastise the Hindraf guys for being too gung-ho with their Raya instrusion.

Now they claim, their sincere efforts to plead for the Hindraf five to the BN government may fall apart.

Firstly mates, you are a member of the BN, having to beg while being an equal member is really unbecoming. Secondly, what do you expect these Hindraf supporters to do, to beg like you guys?

The whole momentum of Hindraf is of not playing the game of compliant minority, which is pretty much the successful path of all minorities in modern times. Only a fool would think cajoling the Umno leadership ceaselessly will get you real things – nothing more than a ministership for you for 28 years.


A point of realisation has dawned upon Malaysians since late 2007, only now is it crystalising into a cognisant tactic.

You have to push the BN using not their rules and pushing them from all points. They are severely undermanned – decades of blind loyalty numbs the minds of those who remain and chases away the rest. The party is rotten to the core.

Why must the PM of this country have an easy ride and when he likes it have the right to torment his people? The 15h Century is over Torquemada, so Umno just deal with widespread dissent.

Dialogue and we all move forward. Don’t, you will start to look relevance while the rest of the rakyat head towards the 21st Century.



One thought on “Gatecrashing for a voice

  1. There has been much talk of the heroism of the Hindraf 5 and people especially from the indian community pratically worships them as the liberators. But those who have put on the thinking cap, will realise that Hindraf has made a fool of everyone especially the poor. One has only to read the memorandum to the Queen and also the 18 points demand as well as the allegations of genocide and ethnic cleasing to realise how we have been taken for a ride by the H5 supremos.

    All of my indian friends from childhood days are very much better off from our father’s and grandfather’s time. They have a good jobs and their standard of living have improved from their childhood days. The only ones who are affected were those ignored by the indian community itself. There are the indian in the estates who were exploited by Indians managing the estates. Then there are the poor indians whose families are torn apart by the drunken head of the house and the surrounding which is not conducive.There are many more examples which i can quote that actually brought the downfall of indian community. This are the same problems are faced by the malay communities and that is why there are many poor malay families despite them being a priviledged lot.

    Let us ask ourselves sincerely, is not Hindraf a tinderbox?? Their views are extremely extremist and their actions are very erratic and irresponsible. If the government were to free the H5, then it would be simply granting them victory to do more damages to the country and very particulary to the indian society.
    The goverment did the right thing in arresting the H5 and therefore prevented the country from being engulfed in a damaging situation.

    The DPM has apologised on behalf of the PM to the indian community, Hishamuddin has apologised for waving the keris but when are the leaders of Hindraf going to apologise for tarnishing the image of the country.

    Why till to-date, there is not even one opposition party leaders who is brave enough to question the Hindraf leaders?

    What are they fighting for ?? Is their struggle really for the poor poor indians? How will their 18 points demand improve the lot of poor indians? What is their defintions of poor indians? How are they going to change the mindset of the indians if they keep blaming the govt for the problems faced by indians?
    What is their vision and mission?
    Have they forgotten that there are many more poor malays than indians as well as poor chinese too in this country??

    Maybe perhaps if Hindraf is ready to apologise for their actions and ready to work with other parties e.g MIC, PPP, etc etc for the betterment of the indian community, then we can confidently call for their release from the ISA detention.

    At the end of day, we should see and know the elements that is trying to destroy the peace and unity of this country and pro-actively reject the so-called elements that can destroy 50 years of nation building in a single day.

    All i ask is that the society be informed of the true nature of Hindraf. Just as we criticise the government for their failings and shortcomings, let us also be fair to all sides and fairly investigate the claims of Hindraf in the so-called documents and memorandum it issued in december 2007. Let us not be freed from the chains of the ruling elitist only to be held hostage by the so-called “struggles” of Hindraf.

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