Umno dangdut clubs

The Umno divisions are one – reform is on the cards, a party on a mission change starting with them forcing out their president,  Abdullah Badawi.

So off they march to their next little agenda, the division election. Great resolve in not looking back but to make Umno the true and natural leader of this multicultural nation. So where does the Machang division meet? In Sekolah Menengah Sains Machang, real progress. They used a public building to have a party event, and for free I bet!

The article that laid out this unintended information went on to discuss how it cost each division chiefs or incoming ones approximately 2-3 million ringgit. This is not Suara Keadilan or Harakah throwing wild allegations, it was in the party’s own English newspaper.

How does the typical Umno office bearer justify the wild and unmonitored infusion of money into the party, causing various influences?

Isa Samad who was expelled from his vice presidency shortly after the last party elections for buying votes, is not eligible for office. Which is crude to say the least, but to be a true testament to this party, four divisions have voted the man for the vice presidency he was stripped from.

Meanwhile, Muhammad Muhammad Taib is slowly building enough steam to be a deputy presidency contest candidate. It does not matter if Muhyiddin builds all the lead he can now, there is a six month wait till the elections, so Mike Tyson (Muhammad2) just needs to stay in the contest.

So the man who was acquitted from a sentence for smuggling millions of ringgit into Australia – only because he claimed he can read English well –  has a chance to be this country’s  deputy prime minister – and a clean run to the prime minister-ship.  And the power brokers in his party think that is hunky dory.

The only answer is, you have to be freaking joking.

Reform, go check yourself in an asylum

This is October and the money is already flowing, and with the extension of the elections, the carious Umno candidates are going to be walking about for six months thinking of who and how to manage expectations of the voters they need – usually by less than kosher means.

There will be real wining and dining – except they would skip the alcohol and keep it to other vices – and there will be no letting up this time.

The whole decision to shelve the December assembly was done only with consideration of the pm and his deputy. Was there a consideration on how this will effect all contests in the party?

Allegiances are about to move about with the wind as all delegates will take advantage of the long harvest they are about to experience. There will be many Umno members receiving Christmas presents.

The truth is, the only thing valid, the only pertinent advice I can give is not to the candidates or the voters. It is to entertainment outlet owners.

Time to open up some special group rates for Umno delegates. Get the TV, GROs  and dangdut music ready – a real profitable time is about to be had for six months.

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