Loco Syed Hamid

The home minister is a man for all seasons – since they’d need a fool for all types of events, rituals and effigy modelling all year round.

I truly believe Syed Hamid Albar is an elaborate plan by Umno to scare everyone that if everyone keeps pushing them around, they’ll put him as prime minister.

It’s the whole “If you don’t like Najib/Abdullah/Mahathir we will let Hamid run the country, so you better toe the line.”

The Hindraf ban will set the tone for more dissent in the country.

I have said before that Nov 25 was a watershed moment, because rampant police brutality turned millions of Malaysians away from ever being BN symphatisers.

And now there is a witch-hunt about to begin.

Seeking a feeling

Since there is no registered organisation with the name Hindraf, and there is no official membership, Malaysian police are going to rely on hearsay to decide if it is a Hindraf act.

“Seven men were standing outside an Indian eatery wearing orange and looked suspiciously Indian. And since they were not from Penang and not part of a Boria troop, they were escorted into a police truck and unto the police station to be charged for being part of a Hindraf rally.

More support for their wrongdoings were apparent since the group were conversing in Tamil to each other and looked like they supported the rights of each other, which means they were trying to fight for Indian rights in the face of Malaysian police. They were also beseeching the police for rights, freedom and fairness – all clear indicators that they are transgressors of peace.

As for printing time, the group have been moved from one detention centre to another, pending ISA charges.”

You are likely to read this more and more – since the police are after an idea and not an organisation.

Where are we heading with this?

The Hindraf rebuttal

Nothing to complain argument

Often said, and Syed Hamid took to it. The keen points of Indian income average are better than Malay income average and that there are more temples in this country than there are mosques.

So in turn then Mr.minister.

Firstly loads of Malaysians – Indians, Malays, Javanese and Republicans – can be doing better.

Because some of us sit in those RM45 a plate places by KLCC fountains, and there are those of us who just sit on the long cement edges looking at the same fountain.

Metres divide them physically, but their banking accounts are world apart.

Syed Hamid is not outright stupid, he really is not. He understands, he just is hiding behind statistics – Umno has done this for decades.

Quick question: How different are Umno division heads who spend RM2-3 million to win, and the local labourer making RM650 in KL?

Then there is the place of worship thing eh. Firstly, these places are built by people from a massively polytheistic faith – if you can refer to it in the unitary. So there are structures in other people’s land – state or private – and yes respectfully deal with it.

Then there are places on property owned by themselves, like the Krishnan temple next to Taynton View in Cheras, then you just legitimise them.

You don’t have to do a study to find out if there are enough Krishna devotees in the area, because I am not sure people in the census board know enough of the probably thousand and one divides in the Indian theological structure to make that determination.

But more importantly they are raising their own funds and building on their own land – so leave them alone.

And perhaps there are not as many mosques, but the number of suraus in the country would easily outnumber anything out there. But that is not the point is it?

Places of worship have to be the domain of the people, not governments. You can keep building mosques using taxpayers money, but it people don’t fill them, what would that mean?

That is why I have advocated as most working democracies do, keep religion out of government.

A long December

This ban will only hurt Umno.

The lower energy level on the side of the opposition will rise with this – after dropping substantially in the wake of Anwar’s failed attempt to assume power.

Now, all dissonance will reappear and Umno will take the brunt of it. And Umno politicians have no time for it – including Syed Hamid – since they are running for party positions until March.

Maybe Syed Hamid’s hoping that his pro-Malay view will get him more vice president nominations – because he can’t rely on charms and Hishamuddin Hussein and Khalid Noordin are raking in the Johor votes ahead of the Kota Tinggi man.

Either way, everything is slowly going pear shaped.

Just see what will happen by New Year. His father got away with his racist taunts in the 60s, not sure sonny boy will get to have his cake and eat it too.

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