Umno bullies

Being born, raised and now working in Malaysia you develop  incredulity about things – and therefore find yourself rarely shocked.

That is until you are faced with another lively reality of Malaysia, the ridiculous can free fall beyond ground zero.

On Sunday, the two paragons of modern Malaysian news – since the two  major Malay dailies tether between stretching truths to laying fables more mythical than Atlantis – the Star and new strait times radically differed.

The former talking about how domination by Umno is unsuitable for a multicultural Malaysia and the NST talking about how there is no such bullying in the BN by Umno.

The boast by the PM that Umno never bullies just defied reasons. You can forgive the Kepala Batas man if he has just been returned from his alien abduction,  and I hope for his sake he is a returnee.  

Have we ever been through a week in Malaysia for the last fifteen years without an Umno politician saying that this country has to prioritise constitutional Malays or justify Malay rule vis a viz ? The examples are just all over the place, perhaps half a century of bullying desensitises what would be deplorable in civilised society elsewhere.

The carry-on

I hate to sound like an old record, but unfair grounds do not become fair because enough time has passed since its inception.

That would be tantamount to saying Apartheid should not have been dismantled in South Africa since a whole generation of blacks have grown up under it therefore it should be acceptable to all. That the idea of openly dividing people based on ethnicity is right because it has kept a stable society – from the perspective of white South Africa.

Or to point out that elsewhere in Africa, black people are doing far worse.

The most insidious corruption of truth is when people argue the appearance of some good in evil is proof that evil is right. No, it just proves that there are those who persevere despite the unfairness – that cannot be the proof of evil’s magnanimity.

So stop brandishing the relative business, professional and artistic successes by Malaysians who were deprived of full state support because of a racist regime by Umno. They did not succeed because of the obstacles placed by Umno, they succeeded despite them.

The surrogate

And then the other argument emerges, since Umno has run the country, condemning Umno is equivalent to condemning the country.

One is a party that survives on the oppression of the many, and the latter is the home of all.

Umno is only the democratic custodian of the country based on the latest election, however that democratic mandate does not allow them to disgorge reason, representation, due process and review.  Those are the founding blocks of a democracy.

The double-talk skill

Abdullah like every prime minister before him – yes yes, that includes you too Mahathir – have always meandered between them being the leader of Malays and then the leader of all Malaysians.

However as evidenced by the Umno nominations going on – all that matter is the Umno electorate, not the Malaysian electorate.

Whenever crunch time comes, every one of them has said that the party comes first, it is always the party – the fascist party.

 So Badawi matey, either be honest, or sit still till you have to go or just return to the mother-ship. We are not impressed.

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