A child in jail, shame on us all

There are days I wished there was a hell, mind you it is only a fleeting thought, a human frailty. For no one deserves to suffer eternally as some type of perverse rationale of good.

Yet there are those that border that thin line to too much, occasionally. Our police when they took a six year old into custody did that yesterday. Vwaishhnnavi is a name hard to spell, but I think many of us will try to keep her in our memory.

I don’t think that I can add on to the condemnation mounting on the police – irrespective who is holding up their strings.

The PR spin by the police is that they were only arresting her mother and ten others, and not the child. She was detained because she was with her mother, and now they are out free.


Well we have to ask what dastardly act this seemingly irresponsible mom was doing with ten others in broad daylight, worse with her child? Compounded too it was in Putrajaya, BN’s great gravestone to modern architecture.

Oh yes, they were there to present a memorandum. Fire and brimstone hail from the skies please, nay, bring out the nukes. These people are dangerous with a capital D, A, N and for good measure G too.

What will happen to this great country under the caring eyes of Home Minister Syed Hamid Albar if peace-loving citizens go about sending memorandums to their government. Will great tyranny begin when our civil servants are encumbered by written text to read?

Apparently reading is, and to foster less reading the Malaysian police will arrest memorandum deliverers.


It is never going to be fully explained, and years for now when reason is more anchored in this country all those involved in this fiasco will be massively shamed.

The only time in history I can last remember people being arrested and brought to court for delivering ideas would be Stalinist Russia.

Still there is the “We did not mean to arrest the child, but the mother insisted” line.

Najib must be cringing about every PR scare, and top of his list must be to retire wild not wily Syed Hamid, in March.

You don’t put non-school going children in jail and not feel nauseous about it. The police for being silly, and us for not being upset enough about it.

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