Lesbian Seagulls fly…

Well they have to in Malaysia, since the National Fatwa Council with eternal wisdom and tentacle like premonition have banned, yes banned women from dressing up like men.

Katherine Hepburn roll in your grave!

Since they could not succinctly characterise what a tomboy was or is, they have decided those who decide to dress like men, but are biologically women are now need to tread very carefully.

Technically they can jail Muslim girls for wanting to be boys, or looking like boys. This is like a vortex of permanently viewing of Blur’s ‘Girls & Boys’ and Garbage’s ‘Androgyny’.

The male look

This might shock the mavericks at the Fatwa council, but some females look very butch without much effort. What about them? The moment they were slacks they are halfway there. So they will have to keep long hair and double layers of lipstick – looking like old East German athletes turn to prostitution – so that no one mistakes them for being male?

They first disallow Muslim girls from taking part from beauty pageants for showing too much of their womanliness and now they want to put punish you if you don’t show enough of your female features.

The feminine lesbian

This might shock some, but a fair number of homosexual women are not butch or interested to look butch.

They are very feminine and like other feminine types. They are not men stuck in women’s bodies – actually they probably detest the naked male.

So how about them? Surely you would need a fatwa for them, now that you have one for tomboys.

Perhaps the time has come for cams in all female hostels in Malaysia – manned (mind the pun) by the council – to ensure no one frolicking occurs in those unnoticed crevices of Malaysian life. ‘We must stop lesbianism’ activists cannot stop here.

How about psychological profiling? You never know when a mother, daughter, sister, nun or mother-in-law is actually homosexual.

Building multicultural Malaysia

Where did the concept of leaving a man with his faith go?

Religion in this country is so bent on regulating itself, its adherent and probably any sentient being on the shores of this beautiful country. It’s like bureaucrats gone out of control.

You can’t make a rule about everything, sometimes you might want to sit back as ask why people are not necessarily living by your ways, and perhaps consider if what they do makes sense or not.
You don’t need a Phd to judge people incessantly and label them as and when you feel like it.

The world keeps getting more and more complex and there will be sub-cultures, and some cultures are much older than most religions.

And in a labyrinth of values, perceptions and sexuality, religion might be better of starting at the point of listening and not telling.

One thought on “Lesbian Seagulls fly…

  1. It is crazy for goverment to make laws about acceptable appearance for any reason. We must allow people to be who they are and not attempt to make everyone fit a mold.

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