Your time to fight

Government is not going to be sorted out by a few people. Everyone has to get involved and please spare me the “We all vote don’t we?”

The often stated statistic: democracies fail because their institutions fail.

Nothing new in that, except the qualifier of what is ‘working’ has always been the point of leverage for those who intend to control the process, and inevitably destroy it.

Democracy is ladies and gentlemen, a fragile conception tethering on various pitfalls continuously. And it is even at its zenith, too precious to be left in the hands of the few.

In this country, many for so long have used the fine lines of these institutions to keep themselves comfortable, and many of us in a life less ordinary.

We have a parliament, and it is allowed to do everything a parliament generally does, but it can’t have too much power.

This is reminiscent of the scene before parliament revolted against King Charles in the 17th Century, except here the parliament is filled with seat warmers ready to steady the dictator’s ship.

Talking about the legislative and our courts will be passé .

But even the fourth estate is crippled by the powers that be.

“To speak is to venture ideas, and ideas are the building block of all things – nations no less.”

The real fear

The leaders of Umno don’t want a debate before their election. They don’t want a debate, because issues have nothing to do with their candidacies.

If intellect was a basis for joining the leadership of Umno, then there will be a long empty imaginary queue to the top. But they have been trained by their seniors to be unyielding, absolute in their views, adamant about their party’s past and arrogant about their power.

But the issue is not Umno, the issue is our widespread malaise to what is to become of this country.

Last November gave us the Bersih and Hindraf rallies – they were huge watermarks to where this country might be heading to. Much of the gains this year are from those rallies.

Those rallies were important because people seeking a more democratic Malaysia came out to state their stand. That frightened the establishment.

And every major movement in the last century has been about people getting involved.

No tyrant does the right thing. He’s forced to do the right thing and then seeks credit for it.

The ‘you’ factor

Activism is key to change.

Umno crushes gatherings partially because they can see the impact it has on the human psyche, and partially sour grapes because they can’t understand how come it did not cost other people money to bring people to their event.

The when can be most easily characterised as whenever there is a need to express. There are organisers, like the candlelight vigils, but they need lieutenants and stewards. The tasks are not difficult, they just need to be done. Do them.

That is just the start.

You have to set your own agenda. It’s ok what is your pet project, just get on with it. A movement to reinstate all the all names for the roads in KL, or challenge the constitutionality of anything – there is much to challenge – go and do it.

The fight needs many people.

And that is how the Umno government will fall. They were faltering with just 30,000 people on the streets, can you imagine the panic Najib and Muhyiddin would feel if everyone disgusted with the way this country is being run, pitched in.

Like a large pot-luck party where people bring in their expertise, experience, projects, resources and determination. A large organic movement bent on making things better in this country.

I had a pretty nasty three days, when the reality of how people have skewed this country was made clearly to me. The change they said is not likely, they said to me.

Too much is at stake for those who have built their lives on the backs of the innocent and they are not about to give-up, what is now a perceived birthright – the birthright of a bunch of crooks.

I can only hope in the interim – while I put my own plans to play – they will cause grievous harm to each other by cannibalising each other.

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