Welcome to Yoha

These are days of alleged purity.

Wise men in boring halls have decided that the best way to save the souls of people is to stop them from locking limbs in ungodly positions and trying breathing techniques. The spirituality of everyone will be lost.

Perhaps we are jumping the gun.

According to the chairman of the council Abdul Shukor Husin, yoga if practised without chanting and worship of Hindu gods is fine – however since there is a close link between the exercising and the worshipping, yoga is dangerous to the faith of Muslims.

It would have been great if the e-fatwa website, the official fatwa site actually had information and explanation for it.

They say if you argue with a fool, then two fools are arguing, so I’ll move to what Muslim yoga enthusiasts can do with a ban coming in place.

Many of the proponents and trainers in the art – incidentally Muslims – have claimed that there are no religious elements in yoga – and want to carry on.

Well why not?

I thought I help them.

The new thang

They should all move from yoga to yoha – the new exercise craze.

The transformation is not too hard. The fatwa council has not given a clear definition of what yoga actually is.

They claim yoga is Hindu and does chants.

Yoha is Malaysian made, with movements incorporated from perhaps some ancient exercise practise and still won’t have chants.

All the yoga centres will only have to change an alphabet in their signboards, pamphlets and other promotional material.

The religious bodies in Selangor will be stuck on how to act on yoha centres.

For them to adjudge the events in a yoha centres erode the faith of Muslims they have to establish that the exercises are detrimental to ones faith.

The only thing the whole fatwa ruling hinges on is the name and its connection to the complex labyrinth of what is conventionally Hinduism.

A different name, and there is no connection.

Puzzle me this, puzzle me that

The fatwa was rushed through on the basis of the religious affiliation yoga had or allegedly has still. The debate will go on.

But what is glaringly clear is that, they were shooting in the dark.

Throw them back a curve-ball and they would be blindsided.

Looking forward to the first Yoha centre in the Klang Valley soon. It could buy out a closing yoga centre. It can possibly take their equipment, sofas and shower towels. You can keep the staff and tell them to use the words ‘Yoha’ as many times as possible. possibly use it as a sentence filler.

“Hi, welcome to the Yoha Centre – a non-Hindu exercise centre”

“Please fill this form up and return to me. Yoha”

And so on and so forth.

I would love to see the fatwa council’s response.

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