2008 in review Pt 3 – All about Anwar

(four parts: part 3 , talking about the months of july to september)

Any casual reader of Malaysian newspapers for the third quarter of 2008 would be comprehensively confused. There were developments but they had to be seen through the lenses of the situation preceding and the players involved.

Easy for avid soap opera viewers, not so for the rest of us, however a recurring theme during those heated months was Anwar Ibrahim. Continue reading “2008 in review Pt 3 – All about Anwar”

2008 in review Pt 2 – succession, oil and a tea boy

(Four parts – this is second part about the changes and posturing in the second quarter of the year)

The theoretical expectation after state governments and opposition coalition in parliament were sorted out in the aftermath of the general election – was governing. That the designated people got on with their roles.

The actual expectation notwithstanding, the actual outcome was very different. The numbers showed that the BN had been second best in the peninsula. There were inroads even in Johor. The BN was relying on the coat-tails of the Borneo parties to keep a substantial majority in parliament. Continue reading “2008 in review Pt 2 – succession, oil and a tea boy”

2008 in review Pt I – to new governments

(four parts:  part one – to new governments)

2008 began with unsual energy.

Coupled by the auspicious ‘8’  for the first time in the new millennium, and the events of late 2007, Malaysia was ready.

What exactly was not certain, but as they transpired they took everyone unawares. The adage that Malaysia is a house of cards has been bandied about for decades, but the manner in which the cards scuttled to the ground was something to behold.

The absolute lack of temerity in the Hindraf camp led the spirit of resistance to a blatant hope from Umno, that things would be quickly back to ‘same old same old’ in time. So much was the conviction that the Abdullah Badawi government were willing to let talk of early polls fill the air. Continue reading “2008 in review Pt I – to new governments”

Rais backs shoe thrower – all is lost!

It is altogether good for Rais Yatim that I will not be voting at the Umno general assembly next year. The foreign minister would receive no vote from me, but since he is all keen about foot apparels I’ll probably toss at him my Malaysian made sandals – it is after all Mr minister an acceptable form of protest, right?

Where do Umno ministers get-off? Continue reading “Rais backs shoe thrower – all is lost!”

This hamlet, off the capital

The bus stop in the town centre is tricky. It looks like a bus stop except that it is half of the slip road around the mosque, and used by bikes. The barrier erected adjacent to it, makes it improbable for waiting passengers to ascend the slope past the barricade to any bus, which if at that point was waiting for embarking passengers will be blocking traffic on the main road.

Welcome to Dengkil.

The town seeking purpose, while being an artery for all about it.

Continue reading “This hamlet, off the capital”

Mind their English, children

The students are away on holiday, and if we are unable to fix the policies for their education, then they will pay the price of our vacation-think.

Presently, we are just trying to buy time on the English in secondary school technology subjects implementation.

There is interesting introspection from the on-going debate going on, and with the clock down to a fortnight before the new school year kicks-off they are valid to be examined.

Within the intricacies of the opposition and support – are some of the main underlying conflicts to the issue emerge. Continue reading “Mind their English, children”

KT waits

PAS will have every chance to wrest the Kuala Trengganu (KT) parliamentary seat in January, for one simple reason: there will be more dissension in the Umno ranks.

The presidency of Umno may have been resolved, but a whole slew of key positions have not, and in that realisation everyone will have an eye to Kuala Trengganu, and on how it can improve their own chances with the national delegates in March. Continue reading “KT waits”