What about it, Azalina?

Not jumping the gun, whether the press quoted the minister wrong or it is from the horses mouth, but someone needs to apologise to India and the families of the Mumbai terror-strike victims – for a silly piece of writing.

That those wanting to avoid the present power crisis in Thailand or the horrors of the past three days in the Indian financial capital – should holiday in Malaysia instead.

As tourism minister, focus on what we have, and promote them endlessly – our forests, valleys, malls and repressive laws.

But don’t try to piggy-back from other people’s misery.

Azalina Othman should have known better.

Its everywhere

Violence has no postcode nor visa limitations. Everyone of us is in the line of fire.

The only respectable way to respond is to show empathy, not look at ways to profit from it. That is just being inhumane.

We had our own Sipadan situation back in 2000, and our neighbours were not rubbing it in to us.

If anything we should be working towards getting more Malaysians to visit Mumbai, because it is our Asian brethren, and we’d expect them to be equally magnanimous to us.


You think the Thais and Indians are going to be impressed by the article – and it will be doing the rounds.

What will we say then?

What will we say about ourselves, our values, our sense of right and wrong – when our tourism minister cares not about human life and suffering, but just tourism dollars?

One thought on “What about it, Azalina?

  1. Azalina is a DAFT, as Silly as they come. this is offcourse if also beleive she does not have conniving bone in her body

    well , i will let rakyat judge her as all good politicans are judged

    whatever happend to Pampena . Will there be an enquiry and examine what happend

    Now, Azalina i think you better think very very hard before opening your mouth. Opps , i think that is generally beyond you right?

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