Human Rights Debate – Bar Council

The bar council’s human rights debate competition final is on today at 8pm. (Friday 12 December 2008) At the bar council auditorium in Kuala Lumpur.

The finals will feature four teams:

National University of Singapore A

National University of Singapore B

International Islamic University B


Funny enough this writer will be in the final, as one half of the unorthodox team Wupid. Which explains why I am been pretty silent, the last few days.

The debates so far have been about various topics on the inalienable rights of man and how they need to be considered; for example, gay rights , housing and feeding the poor, terrorism and our ISA.

Today’s semi-finals was about the right to stay of refugees in Malaysia.

So far the tournament has been great, including yesterday’s evening event with Zaid Ibrahim in Sri hartamas. The former de facto law minister was however quite evasive about answering to questions about his future and a response to Umno sacking him.

The only illuminating piece was in him conceding in regards to him joining Umno as “we all make mistakes”.

There are some luminaries attending the event tonight, plus some interesting speakers in the public speaking competition to be held after the debate final.

All are welcome.

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