Kelab Penyokong Umno (KPU)

There is a proposal on the table, and it is a fantastic one.

The formation of ‘kelab penyokong Umno’ (Umno supporters club). KPU for short.

The origins are simple enough. PAS has a sub-group – those who are ineligible for membership but think the party rocks – who are kinda like members, but not. They form the PAS supporters club.

You can’t vote or speak, but you can hang around, like a familiar family visitor.

The same principle can be extended to Umno. Not every Malaysian citizen is eligible for membership, so therefore those who love Umno and think it rocks, should be members of its supporters club.

Why this club?

Since only Umno will be able to run this country, if they keep their divisive politics and draconian laws to shut down valid opposition – those who have always spoken on behalf of Umno but not constitutionally Malay need a platform to continue buttering up the Umno lads.

They will get to attend the Umno assembly, just with less rights. So each division can bring one KPU member to sit in, so they can understand better that Malay rights as espoused by the party is not about less rights for other Malaysians, it just means their rights will be clearly defined.

It is pretty metaphysical, so the only way you will understand is if you are inside the halls of PWTC in March, to hear wise men like Bung Mokhtar Radin (Kinabatangan) and Tajuddin Abdul Rahman (Pasir Salak) speak about what is parity in Malaysia.

Plus everyone gets the wrong idea about keris wielding Hishamuddin Hussein Onn, so perhaps they can have front- audience of the new youth chief dancing with pokey things on the day the election results come out.

Membership also gives other funky things like attending the Umno branch meetings as a regular member. The lengthy opening welcomes and the pantuns are nothing when you start to let them talk about how the party is to be run.

Cutting loose form bit players

Plus as members, the Umno leaders become their leaders, and they would not need intermediaries like PPP, MIC, MCA, UPKO and the rest.

Presently, coalition members – their leaders – will all end up asking Umno to be nice and ask again until something comes their way, however little or watered down.

So dump that obsolete model, ask your Umno leaders directly – as second class party members.

And being a member of KPU gives you that.

Mahathir argued in his ‘Malaysian System of Government (1995) that racism works in Malaysia because all the races accept the domination of constitutional Malays aka Umno.

And all BN component party, and by extension their members accept this domination, so they might as well deal directly with Umno at all levels – branch, division, state and federal – as somewhat members of Umno.

Yes, you won’t be as important or valid as other Umno members, but you get a seat at the table.


I’m in the process of looking for a president for the club. There are enough   sycophants for Umno who are ineligible for membership. Unsurprisingly some of them are now being fairly critical of the government – with suspicion this has to do with the March general election.

This is more in tune with “working from the inside” so many apologists have brandished around for far too long.

This works for Umno too. They can have members who from the outset accept them as their sovereign leaders, in exchange for a more direct relationship. They will not have to cope with any dissent from those in the coalition parties.


I won’t be signing up for membership anytime soon, but I won’t begrudge those who do.

It is better for them to come upfront and accept that they have always been appreciative of the race based policies of Umno, and how they have systematically divided this country.

What would I be doing? Well working towards the collapse of the Umno government.

I won’t get all the goodies KPU members might get, and there will be always a constant frustration of process blocks and abuse.

That’s my choice.

Everyone has to draw the line somewhere. Where is yours?

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