Rais backs shoe thrower – all is lost!

It is altogether good for Rais Yatim that I will not be voting at the Umno general assembly next year. The foreign minister would receive no vote from me, but since he is all keen about foot apparels I’ll probably toss at him my Malaysian made sandals – it is after all Mr minister an acceptable form of protest, right?

Where do Umno ministers get-off?

No, seriously.

Are Malaysians of all hues and colours then justified in chucking hard rubber bits at Mahathir Mohammed for 22 years of unmitigated and open racism? Former ISA detainees and their families would love to hit back at Kubang Pasu boy.

Land of laws

Your colleague Rais, Nari Aziz is always apt at talking about this being the land of laws – I’d like to know what he would say to our minister in charge of relations with other countries, not the least with the biggest economy and major source of our economy’s. Not the finest thing to say assaulting the commander in chief of America is on.

I might remind both Rais and Nazri that a year ago their system filed a case against 31 for collectively casting a brick in the way of a police personnel. They spent nights in prison for just suspicion.  Apparently everyone when a brick falls in the jungle, everyone about hears it, and more importantly all those near the brick are suspects.

Come on Rais, surely the racial profiling by the police through decades will give some moral justification for Indians to bring the projectile to full flight, even if there were no other pressing socio-economic oppression by the federal government.

If you can defend people you have no cultural connection with, surely as former Negeri Sembilan menteri besar you can find some semblance of connection with Indians.

No boot left behind

I’ll give some advice to Umno leaders, your old ways are no more. People look at consistencies, and since there is easy storage of information, what you say, what you used to say, what you do and what you did, will all be constantly be weighed by all and sundry.

You cannot just be flippant about the security of US presidents because they are according to you bad to people you have never met, and then turn around be obtuse and indifferent about yourself, your party and government being mean to people inside your shores.

No candidate

The Umno election is somewhat an aberration for me, since there is not  a candidate worthy of a vote.

But I am talking about a nationalist party in the same league as the Nazis and the Klu Klax Klan, so I suppose I have to put on my racist lens to decide the outcome.

Talking in those terms Rais, you are no competition to people like Muhammad Muhammad Taib, Khir Toyo, Mukhriz Mahathir and the rest.

So the free tip here, to win your party votes, go full racist or try to be the elder statesman. I felt before that you could fill the latter, but my doubts have reversed my position.

So how does it feel losing the vice-presidency of Umno, eh shoe-loving Rais?

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